Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Its a cave! in a rock? Cave in Rock, IN

 The lovely ladies sunning themselves... and then me of course an alert captain

Fire wood!

"I don't think we're in pittsburgh anymore"

Home sweet boat

Locking through


Post Script

After mobile came mobile bay nightmare-2 day anchored in four foot waves. we did not drown and the chickens ate all the crabs and sea life that was washed aboard by the waves crashing on deck.

We continued on and met "all you need" who is another shanty boat like us. He's sold his  boat in panama city and is continuing on with the chickens on horse back to key west.

Our raft, we gave away in pensacola to a group of bayou fishermen. So its now a huntin' fish camp! 

Wayne, the other shanty boater, sold our motor while in the shower in the marina to a man on a toliet.

"hey do know anyone who wants a 9.9?"

"As a matter of fact... "

Thanks mike for selling us the motor, and thanks to this mike for buying our motor.

My Mike and I took a bus home for chistmas to see our dear families.



I am planning to sail ACROSS THE OCEAN and the CARRIBEAN SEA crewing on my friends sail yatch. ITS A REAL BOAT!

silly us.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Currently we are docked at Dog River Marina. Folks here have been real kind to us. Now we, for the first time, are having the problem of where to go. Funds are a bit low, but we are looking for a sail boat to continue the journey back home. Our poor little raft can't really handle the ocean too well, but we plan to head east through the intercoastal.

Where to? who knows.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Down Stream - Downed Engine?

Last I heard, was that the string on the engine's rewind starter assembly broke.
Mike & Faith have taken the engine apart and are presently trying to put it together again. I am not sure how far south they are from this Spot on Sunday eve.

Posted by: TJ Gadget Man

Message:Here is my latest location. November, 6th

Click the link below to see where I am located.

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Moving Right Along!

November 3rd 2011
I have decided to add a few updates myself at the request of the crew. I'm
TJ Gadget Man - the technical advisor at the end of the phone, or (Mission Control). Since access to libraries is limited, you may see some postings by
me. This will be updated with much better reading once the crew hits town.
That is if the Alligators don't get them! Good Luck & Only kidding!
Here is my latest location.

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Posted by TJ Gadget Man for Faith & Mike

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rained out at Abordine.

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Crazy Dave,

We found your friends from CQ marina, and so we had to yell "MIDWAY MARINA ROCKS!" and I think we heard you respond, "BRIGEWATER LANDINGS RULES!"