Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Post Script

After mobile came mobile bay nightmare-2 day anchored in four foot waves. we did not drown and the chickens ate all the crabs and sea life that was washed aboard by the waves crashing on deck.

We continued on and met "all you need" who is another shanty boat like us. He's sold his  boat in panama city and is continuing on with the chickens on horse back to key west.

Our raft, we gave away in pensacola to a group of bayou fishermen. So its now a huntin' fish camp! 

Wayne, the other shanty boater, sold our motor while in the shower in the marina to a man on a toliet.

"hey do know anyone who wants a 9.9?"

"As a matter of fact... "

Thanks mike for selling us the motor, and thanks to this mike for buying our motor.

My Mike and I took a bus home for chistmas to see our dear families.



I am planning to sail ACROSS THE OCEAN and the CARRIBEAN SEA crewing on my friends sail yatch. ITS A REAL BOAT!

silly us.



  1. Faith, so glad to hear from you. We wondered what happened. When will you be on the Caribbean? We'll be in the British Virgin Islands in late February. If you're nearby, we'd love to meet up! We'll buy you a Painkiller. There's lots of chickens and goats there too. :) We love your adventures! Keep posting.

    Deb and Steve, Neville Island

  2. hi there mike and faith! This is zachary. Well, I never made it to mobile. I ditched my bottle boat about 100 nautical miles, (frustrated by the lack of movement) and since then I have been touring the country. I caught a ride with a trucker who took me up the coast to pensilvania then back down. this was profitable to me as he would stop every few hours so that I could wash windows, and all he wanted in return was that I would stay awake so that he could talk to someone if he got sleepy. I left him in kentucky.
    Then I caught a ride with a pair of russian people who invited me over to thier house in ashville, NC for the christmas holiday. they gave me work with thier construction company and I left after making a few hundred. from there I walked (mostly out of bordom) from ashville north carolina to greenville, SC, jumped a train and got off in atlanta georgia and jogged the rest of the way to near burmingham alabama.
    By the time I had gotten to burmingham I had been hearing alot about my biological father whom I have not known. As it was, he was in prison, friendless with no visitors, and he was sick with cancer and other stuff. (I found later that he had actually died and was revived before I visited him) I immediately took a bus to pendleton, OR and spent some time living on the streets (and eating from less than desirable places) while consoling him. It was very difficult to earn money there and I wouldn't look forward to surviving that way again.
    From there I walked half the way to portland (100 miles) hitched a ride the rest of the way and have been wandering down the california coast since. I recently left Santa Barbara, Ca where one man was living on his boat, rent free (anchor), and had been going to college for the past 4 years. what a guy! hehe, and someone gave me a skateboard so I've been cruizin right along. Currently I'm selling ink (made from flowers that I find), hemp bracelets (all colors*I found this amazing deal) and satchels that resemble a pirate'y theme. I hope to make enough money to build my own boat from pallet wood (like one would build a model). the benificial thing about using pallet wood is the ease of the adjoining sections. I could, for instance store an entire boat, ribbs and all, in a small self storage because the ribbs could be fully assembled as needed. also a layered hull is much better than a planked hull.
    I truely hope you are well and fed,
    with love; your friend, Zachary

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