Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some things to look out for...

Barges make holes in the water... a.k.a. WIRLPOOLS that can suck under a 40ft boat. eek.

The river is higher than it was, the trees are still where they were. no snags please.

one of these:
one of those:

and especially...

a sweet comic

.Bronson Myers:

Making your own raft? have you read that online zine about a group of kids that did that? they highlight some dangers to look out for, like whirlpools and ships.

Update #2 Dammed if we do

more info more info more info...

Appearently There are no dams or locks on from St. Louis on....hurrah. phew.

but... the ohio is nicknamed "the water stairway"

Damned if we do. are three dams on from where I wanted to put in on the Ohio, one of the dams is a waterfall.

So it would make sense to start in St. Louis, if I had anycontacts there... Detroit is very far from this thing, but its got the resources... Any ideas?

On the brighter side, a friend from school might beable to dig us up a motor! Josh, you are a baddass.

fun fact: The adverage speed of the mississippi river is 1.3-3 we have to go at least 3-5 miles per hour inorder to have any control.

Pro raft tip from Lino

Hey Faith


oak and timber are apparently not good woods to use, but if this is completely DIY, just find the dryest, lightest wood you can. I've tried driftwood from a beach, but that stuff can be hard to work with since its so scattered in shapes and sizes. floats good though. but logs would be the easiest way to go about it. some thin, light, dry logs. I'm no expert, but I know that the just about simplest way to go about it is to just basically create a matt of logs lined up, and 2 logs across to enforce them. basically this. the knots are the most important part. so get some good rope. not drygrass. that stuff is nuisance to work with, and snaps. well if your going super survivalist then you'd have to strip/bend/snap all the grass and twist it with other strands to make rope... just not worth it. rope!
use a clove hitch knot on the end and then basically just make X's and wrap more then an overhand knot (first knot in a shoe tie) just keep putting logs on the enforcement logs.

the other way to go about it would be the pressure log raft, which is basically the same thing but would use four enforcement logs. so you'd just sandwhich two logs on each side and tie the ends to the end of the corresponding log.

that basically.

also know you're current very well! getting close to being pulled out to sea... scary! course there wouldn't be a sea but still. and if you can't find logs, just get some balsa wood. would float easily. hope this was remotely helpful! I'm no expert I remind you!

Reply from wrench

Faith Audens so you know you want to raft the mississipi with us assholes this spring.

Monday at 11:27pm

Monk E. Wrench Im down.
Monday at 11:28pm ·

Faith Audens: haha it took you a whole five seconds...

a sweet book from Colin in austria...

lets fucking do this shit.

love, c

ps. have your read this book? if not, read it. it will inspire you i think.