Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Currently we are docked at Dog River Marina. Folks here have been real kind to us. Now we, for the first time, are having the problem of where to go. Funds are a bit low, but we are looking for a sail boat to continue the journey back home. Our poor little raft can't really handle the ocean too well, but we plan to head east through the intercoastal.

Where to? who knows.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Down Stream - Downed Engine?

Last I heard, was that the string on the engine's rewind starter assembly broke.
Mike & Faith have taken the engine apart and are presently trying to put it together again. I am not sure how far south they are from this Spot on Sunday eve.

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Message:Here is my latest location. November, 6th

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Moving Right Along!

November 3rd 2011
I have decided to add a few updates myself at the request of the crew. I'm
TJ Gadget Man - the technical advisor at the end of the phone, or (Mission Control). Since access to libraries is limited, you may see some postings by
me. This will be updated with much better reading once the crew hits town.
That is if the Alligators don't get them! Good Luck & Only kidding!
Here is my latest location.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rained out at Abordine.

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Crazy Dave,

We found your friends from CQ marina, and so we had to yell "MIDWAY MARINA ROCKS!" and I think we heard you respond, "BRIGEWATER LANDINGS RULES!"

Sorry about the lack of updates...

We've been having trouble finding a computer. We have made it to nowhere and its very nice here.

I'm behind on typing the writen log but I'll keep updating where we are and leaving links to us.

There are many thank yous to be said and I'll get them all sooner or later. Any time it rains we'll try to type.

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Broken and fixed MASON DOCK RULES!

The next morning was a another beautiful day. Too bad we were stuck. We went to pull the string and it started but didn't go into gear.

We cleaned the house, ate a big breakfast, and packed up the canoe. The chickens found a nice place to sit under my chair.

"If we can't fix the engine, we could canoe the rest of the way." -f

"It'd be cheaper!" -v

Canoeing along, we yelled at the first boat we saw, named "Our Forth Quarter" . They had sold everything and live on their modest boat.

"Where are you headed?"

"The horizon!" They shouted.

They towed us a mile or so and went on their way.

"So you just go where ever you want?" -v

" except when we run into people like you!"

We kept canoing along,  untill a pontoon came over.


"We'll tow you."

They had met us yesterday at turkey creek, and heard we were broke down. Forth Quarter had called someone on the radio. The poor little chickens stayed in the canoe as we headed back to the boat, flapping and squawking as the water splashed in.

They towed our broken little boat all the way to the best place we could have landed, Mason's dock.  We were aprehensive, looking at all the expensive lake houses that surrrounded the cove. Then we saw a slips full of pontoons and knew we were safe.

"Pontoons, our friends on the river." had become one of Vorrasi's catch phrases.

We chatted with slyvia who ran the little resturant and ended up taking care of us the whole week. She'd save the dead minoes for the birds and we came to the resturant every morning for her hearty breakfasts.

The pontoon who saved us had also set up a time for a mechanic to come in the morning. "he's a good guy."  and he was.

He came down with his grandson in the morning and put our life line, the engine in his truck then drove off.

Faye let us show and do wash at her house, and fed us a lovely lunch.

We finished the roof of our house and all the walls. It leaks, but its nicer than the tent.

Tim and Jan took interest in us and became good friends. We don't laugh at ourselves untill we start talking and then all the hardships we have become worth the story. Thank you!

Mr. Grear helped me string my fishing pole, and showed me what kind of hook we needed. He caught us a nice bass for dinner. Oh it was good.

I learned to clean fish. Before I had only watched. It was horrifying at first, when I placed the flapping creature on the table. Its worth it. I love fish.

Glenn gave us his catch of bass and had lent us his tools for fixing our poor roof.

Mr. Reed, the owner of the boat dock, came over and warned us that our spot was a dangerous place to be in the wind.

Sylvia let us dock next to her place and it was a good test for our fixed motor.

We were starting to worry, but our man came back and the motor was beter than ever. He cleaned the carb, replaced the fuel line, fix our reverse, changed our oil, and changed the plugs.  He sat with us for a while and showed us how it all worked. This was such a help.

Whip and Karen invited us over for a bonfire and moonshine. it was a great party and lots of laugh.
"I was tickled by that chicken. It sat right next to me and I patted him."

He offered to pick up a load where ever we ended up and get my little birds home.
Mom says I can mail them so that might be easiest.

We departed masons with a whole crowd of friends waving from the dock. It gets lonely on the river, we are so thankful to meet such good people.

Turkey creek marina

"We're low on water."  I said.

The temperature had gone up. We were in shorts and thinking about swiming. Such a nice break from the big rain. The sun felt great. The chickens lay on thier sides in the sun and stretch out their little wings.  It became a new game to make the hen chase the sinker across the deck. She runs and jumps. Silly little feather head.

We were heading down the right decending back (left side) and came across Turkey creek marina.

"Lets stop there and get water."

Really nice folks. we stopped and talked for a bit, filled our jugs, and really wanted to get a move on to take advantage of our break in the weather. A beautiful sail boat was docked there. "someday... "

We made it 3 or four miles when that same sailboat caught up to us, and started to circle. I was so excited I jumped off the tiller and left the engine at an idle, after that it never started the same.

So I pushed and we made it 2 more miles before the smoke got too bad and we pulled over.

"We could just leave it here."

"This might be it."

locking up to Lake Kentucky

The current increased closer to the dam. We pushed on at our slow slow pace.

"Lake Kentucky lock, this is an upbound pleasure craft. over"

"Kentucky lock back. we're sending the tug at the gates through and after a dynmite blast we'll flip it and send you up."

I was on the phone with Zoe;
"You're waiting for the lock?"
"Yeah but they've got to blow something up first."

Bright orange life jacketed men came out on a john boat to instruct us and the fishermen to back off for the blast at 2:05pm. We were listening but didn't hear anything.

The green lights flashed and we inched to the monstrous chamber. Its alot different locking up instead of dwon. The doors look like the gates of mordor-100 feet high. Once we secured, it was like a hot tub's bubbler or water at a boil. We bubbled up to the lake's elevation and waited for the horn.

I caught some minoes which the chickens ate. ( Not the big fish I had hoped to catch) These birds are so bad. When I send the pole back before I cast, the chicken jumps up and eats the bate and I end up flinging an empty hook out.

Who knew chickens ate fish.

The lake was beautiful. This was the biggest water we've been on. Not that much barge traffic at all, and BEAUTIFUL.  The water was a line on the horizon and just at sunset its the same color as the sky. 

Slower than ever

"I didn't know that was possible." says disgruntled Vorrasi. "If its not the rain, its the wind. If its not the wind, its the current."

This is a smaller river and a tough 20 miles to the dam.

We walked two miles down a highway to get gas. lucky for us a bass boat pulled up and dropped us at the bridge we were parked under. Down the cliff we went and 20 gallons of gas.

almost to kentucky lake.

Port paduca

The roughest 4 miles
The most tugs we've ever seen
and the fastest current to top it all off.

A stryrofoam cup was keeping pace with us as it was blown up stream.

We pulled off just at sun set in a break between all the fleeting harbors called Creigs creek, our little haven in the chaos.

We rafted to cuba!

It wasn't a lie.

Cuba towhead island the end of our Ohio, on to a brand new river.

No Charts No Problem good bye ohio

We putted towards the Tennesse river mouth mile 933- the end of the ohio for us. It was a bit sad leaving our home river but we made the turn skipping paduca (6miles out of our way). We had no charts for the next 215 river miles, and no clue what we were about to get into. No charts, just the GPS out of mom's car.

Then, right as we were about to make the turn, a tri-toon pulls us over and gives us just what we needed. Lake Kentucky Charts!

lucky us.

It was the whole river but the next stretch. 

Cotton wood bar

Blown out for the day, we pulled into a small inlet on our starbord, hoping to hide in the back channel of an island for another 2miles. We came to the back channel and found a dried up creek.

"sure, we can fit through there.."

We were two miles from the mouth of the Tennesse.

"vorrasi, I couldn't have done it without you."
"Faith, I couldn't have done it without you either."

"You mean you wouldn't have done if it weren't for me."

There was a mountain of drift where we had anchored. I found the same model of our purple canoe crushed beneath a tree. We spent the day working on the house. I was able to find the rest of the wood that we had needed for the walls at our drift wood home depot!

When the wind settled down, I went to gather the lady birds. They were being extra tempermental on the acoount of this cricket infested bank. (About 20 of which hich-hiked with us). I ended up chasing the dear hens right into an anchor which we happily placed on the back corner of our boat.

Bad gas golconda

"five blocks hike to nearest gas."  said vorrasi.

He march off and up the hill. Weather was still holding so he was in a bit of a better mood, making me think we can make it.

A friend in a bass boat on a trailor pulled up:

"What are you doing?"

"Going south, wanna bring me to gas?"

WE arrived at the same time as Vorrasi who also found a ride. lucky lucky us. He filled gas and I got groceries. Who knew  300 miles later this gas would cost us our carborator.

Note: Stewards island has no tiki bar that we could find, and is really two islands. we slept there the night and lock through first thing the next morning.

Cave in rock

"The most beautiful pool on the ohio."

Vorrasi decided.

Our close run at teh last lock, being pinched between an electric plant, barge, and dam, along with all the indrustry of Mount Vernon, the Cave in Rock wilderness was just wonderful. The Weather was perfect and the rainy raft dried out.

The trees had just started to change and the river here is lined with rock bluffs framed by tree roots. In one of these rocks was a cave, well a Cave in a Rock.  We anchored right out side the entrance and waited for morning to explore.

Pirates had lived in the cave before us and robbed flatboats as they were forced by the island and outside of the bend to go near shore and thier cave. This cave had natural shelves, cool storage area in the back, and a sink hole in the bluff above that could act as both a chimney and communication port to the look outs on the 500ft cliff  thats now a campground.

This is a fine cave.

Wabash River

"We cought a fish!" I yell back to Vorrasi on the motor.


Its been a running joke that neither of us can catch a stupid scaly fish. He's from the city and I'm from inland so we are just fish dumb. We sit back there and cast the rod colin left and nothing.

I had heard flapping in the canoe, so thinking it was a chicken, I go over and find a two foot fish!

A Jap. Carp.

The canoe caught a fish before either of us.

Mud of Uniontown

Little did we know, the public odck was in two feet of water. We uncleated and couldn't get the engine down. The pool must have fluxuated overnight and left us to be blown deeper into the mud pit. Chickens were yelling and vorrasi was knee deep in mud trying to inch us out. We put everything heavy in the canoe and pushed.

A man on shore yelled,

"We're filling this barge with coal, do you want some on your boat?"

" We really need a push."

It took 6 huge guys to pull us out.

locked through with no problem.

River of Indrustry

We locked through and passed Mount vernon in the night. Towers of lights were off our port, it looked like some futuristic sci-fi space ship had landed and became a powerplant. 

Full speed through there. Vorrasi had first shift and I was on second while he tried to sleep. The fog set in and the land fell away leaving us in the middle of the foggy dark river. A tug's spot light shone threw the fog.

We yelled to each other over the motor full speed to shore;

"What are you doing? You have us in the middle" v
"I thought we were in the back channel" -f
"we are in the back channel!"

That was a good scare. We docked at Uniontown public dock, right before the dam.

500 feet

is what we made the next day... too windy.

I had a long walk through the woods finding lots of long boards for the new house. We finished one of the walls and hoped it didn't rain because the tarp didn't quite fit.  The chickens had a good hop on shore and vorasi spent HOURS making a can pork pinto stew.  I was so hungry by the time he was finished I ate some. "See I help cook. Its delicious" he said.

auzzi Bottoms

We got blown out by the mile 824, long landing bar a boat came over "you picked the best stop. West side of the river out of the wind. I sunk three of my boats on the other side of the river."
"You have to meet our friend indian Joe. He's been waving at you all morning., He doesn't get excited about things and he's excited."

My new shelf was almost done. I had been hammering and sawing all morning. It was the shabbiest thing, and I was tired.

We hop in their boat and rode cross the river to Indian Joe's camp.
" I had a chicken once. They love those hostest treats- the kind with the cream in the middle.. .A buddy dropped off a bunch of guinies (to eat the ticks) and a little black hen must have jumped off along with 'em. Two weeks later I couldn't figure out who was egging my car in its garage. I had the best sunday omeletts."

A big white dog greeted us and Indian Joe. We told stories and had a laugh at this land that floods every year and all the junk that washes up along with it.

"Joe, did you ever get that boat outta the weeds?'

"Naw, I forgot all about it. It might be there in the spring.  On the court house steps, I asked the man what I had just bought. 'The very worst' he said. 'All I need it for is fishing without being bothered'"

On the road again...

We left henderson with high spirits and a bag full of goodies from a little old lady scared of the water. She ran down the dock to shake our hand and give us her gift to the voyage. " If those little kids could make it down, I knew I could too. I'll just head right back to shore." We we docked next to a school so all the little kids had fun harassing the hens.

We passed dimond island on the way out. "largest island on the river" said our friend brain in a kayak. "for sale for 7million."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Henderson, KT We can do it.


finally. It was nice.

People came out on  the dock. All these children patted my chickens. The news paper came down. We got everything we needed. The people of Henderson encouraged us and reminded us that why we were doing what we are doing. Its an adventure, and adventures aren't all sunshine sometimes two weeks of rain.

We can make it. Maybe just to Nashville. We were starting to sink.

I decided to rename my hens, Leslie and Isabella Henderson.

Thank you!


Evansville, IN

"I give up. Lets take it all apart, go back to the hollow. I miss paul. I should be on the farm."

"Is that what you want? Thats not what you want. come on a little farther." -Vorrasi

Its still raining. We pulled up to the square concrete landing of evansville. We hit it too hard and broke part of the deck. All these people drove by took pictures and left. It was so rude. over 20 people couldn't be bothered to say hello or ask before they snaped a photo or did drive by video.

"Its over Vorrasi."

"These damn gawkers lets just go."

Angel mound, IN public dock

"This isn't worth it. I give up." -Faith

The wind had us beat. It finally stopped raining. A dog tried to eat my chickens. Leslie keeps loosing her feathers. Not even isabella layed an egg.

"This is a terrible ending. I don't want you just to give up. come on. Just to paduca."

He's crazy. But we kept going. Vorrasi hates campfires. he hated the raft, but we kept on keeping on.

Owensboro, KT

Every cop came to talk to us at the public dock.

"we already talked to someone."
"An officer?"
"An officer."
"I'm going to need your names...."

"Lets get out of here. Worst vacation ever." -vorrasi

We pushed off the concrete dock and couldn't start the motor. The water is freezing and we ended up backwards in the middle of the boat ramp. Vorrasi was on the shore with a line, and I was trying to poll us away from the rocks-both of us fighting the wind.

"Can I see your IDs?" A new one is standing behind Vorrasi.

"Can you wait until we get our boat docked? We're trying to navigate our boat right now. Do you want us in the rocks?"

"I'll be on my way then, call us if you need anything. Is Vorrasi, V-O-R-A-S-I"

"Yeah, sure." he responded.

Meanwhile a whole crowd of people decided to take pictures. "wow. look at the raft. How do you go to the bathroom? I have to ask."

We built a raft, lived on it, and moved 700 something miles and the first thing you ask about my life is how I pee?  ask your mother. at least most people wait until question 7.

We moved to another part of the dock and unflooded our motor. got a tow out, pulled the string. Flooded again. Dropped anchor. Waited for the rain to stop. dried out motor... and we left just as another cop pulled up.

A john boat fisherman stopped us, and gave us some gas.

"Call me if you need anything. I'll try to help you the best I can."

That night we had the worst storm. The worst we were in the back channel of some island. Vorassi was the sickest. We lit a candle and sat in the dark as our little boat was blown around our anchor, hoping that it would hold. The walls bent in with the wind. Lightning struck VERY close to our boat. It wouldn't let up. There was a river through the middle of the house. Chickens stayed quiet. Poor girls hadn't been to shore in a week.

The danforth held. We got out of there in the morning.

Grandview, IN

Very nice public dock. We stayed there a night. Its still raining. Vorrasi very sick. I sliced my finger real bad I still can't feel it a month later. A fisherman gave us a first aid kit that has really helped. I always seem to get holes in my hands and feet. Two foot waves again.

We ran the first time we could, which was at night. I napped off the shell shock of cutting my finger. I could feel it in my other fingers. The next hospital was in Owensboro. Vorrasi motored us in the cold and rain. We switched he slept for a bit. We got to a dock full of drunks.

2am "hello?...hello?"

"We're trying to sleep in here." Vorrasi grumbled. What are some people's problems.

My finger stopped bleeding and we kept going. This is testing our relationship.



We are in awe. Our friend Super foot, famous water skiier, hand built a light house castle musem, complete with pool, draw bridge, and tribushe. You have to see it to believe it. Look at the pictures. No really its worth it.

Hawesville, KT

This is horrible. There are good times, we were trying to remember. It was still raining. The wind picked up and threw the water around the bend, creating 2 foot waves. The motor went under twice. There was a creek on the chart, we couldn't fit. On top of that there was scrap metal on the beach we were getting blown into. We had to get out and push.
"our only chance is that bridge."

We motored back. There was another spot that looked okay. It was rocky.
We threw the anchor and waited. Sunset the wind calmed down and back to the bridge. I tied every single line we had  to this little eye hook sticking out of the concrete. The moment we got there the wind picked up again, back to two foot waves and hitting the piling all night.

Its five o'clock.

"lets go to sleep."-vorrasi

He's sick. We make tea and pass out.

Cloverport, KT and Leavensworth, KT

Early start, we made it pretty far in the misty cold. We're out of fresh food.

"Whats for lunch?"
"Oh, I don't know, rice and can.."
"Rice two cans."

Cloverport had a whole crowd waiting for us. A friend gave Vorrasi and ride to get gas while I stayed and watched the chickens and the boat.

" I don't see a thing wrong with what you are doing, not a thing" -friend.
"He must have gone to the other side of town to get gas."

It had been up to 45 minutes. "He likes to fill the tanks with an eye dropper-to insure quailty"

Our friend had taken him to his "mancave" He came back with a whole bag of goodies. A cool of catfish, and a strange jug of moonshine. (I used it to start fires.)

It was so nice to talk to people. Most folks are off the river. Baja crew gone.

He gave us a bunch of Boat magines as well.

"Look Vorrasi, this yatch is only 2.5 million dollars.."
"Thats nicer than most people's house."
"We could give the chickens thier own deck!"

Nicer weather. pants short sleave weather. Its a nice break. We rounded the bend to Leavensworth, a small town on top of a cliff. We met a friend.

"I'm watts, like the light bulb."

He knew paul from pain hollow and the hubbards.

"oh I know the hubbards, Harlen sounds like Mickey Mouse."

Brandenburgh, KT


To the tune of "I'll fly away" sung by the bible folks in the public dock's pavillion we walked up to the stern wheeler that was taking up the whole public dock. Vorrasi stepped off the boat into a foot of mud and fell.
The Sternwheeler folks were coming from Marrietta, OH from the festival to their home dock on the Misouri.

Weather radio "Hazard weather: hazardous weather expect. Spot report: spotter not aviable"
"We hear there is a bad storm coming."
"Thanks for letting us know"
"We're in the craft over there"
"is Thats so."
"Do you think we could share the dock?"

They were nice enough to let us dock next to them with our muddy raft. He was as tired as us.

They've been pushing hard as well to beat the cold and get back to work. We ate some pizza and watch a movie of a ship sinking.

"Thanks for the Knot book!" Their wheel (that we were tied to) woke us up at 6am. On the move.

The hazardous weather that nice was five rain drops, no wind.

west point, KT

Slept under a bridge right next to the gas station.

Coffee in the morning. big breakfast. more rain.

Called Paul from the Hollow on the phone. It was good to hear from him. The Hubbard's spoon was a hitch-hiker in our dishes pile. Time for it to go home via post.

no eggs from the ladies, Leslie is losing all of her feathers. Twenty fell off the last time I picked her up. poor little lady.  

RAIN. and more RAIN.

"This is the 10th day of rain." -v
"Why are you counting? It just makes it worse."- v
"When it stops raining, I'll stop counting." -f

Everything  muddy. Everything a mess. Vorrasi got sick. It got so cold.

Falls of the Ohio, or the concrete dam. (not so impressive)

Chickens stayed on shore all day while we went with our friends from New Albany to the Falls of the Ohio. It turned out not to be a beautiful waterfall, but a nice nice beach and a whole rock bed of fossils. I swear I found a dinosaur foot in the rock. Vorrasi took a picture of the ground every couple feet, I couldn't see him after a while. It was so beautiful there. There was lots of long boards in the drift, so I filled the canoe. Vorrasi loved it.

"We have enough beams for a real house now!"

and so the construction began.  We've been tripping over it ever since.

pictures soon. Its been hard to find internet.

Hot dogs on the beach over a ROARING FIRE.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Albany, IN breaking down in the lock!

Sean, met us in the morning to lock through with us. This one was tricky. Our radio didn't reach the three miles through the canal to the lock so we had to call. Thankfully John gave us his friend's number at McAlpine lock, the chart didn't have it. Everything good, we motored through the canal. John photographing us the whole time.

A little before we entered the lock the handle of the motor fell off. A bunch of little pieces fell into the water. I held on to it and we entered the chambered. "Lets go to the last pin, so we won't have to paddle as far, I don't think I can start this again"

forty feet down we fiddled with duck tap and glue. Good think my friend Mike is Mcgiver. He talked me through it on the telephone and we got the thing started. The first dock I saw we stopped.

Lucky for us New Albany boat club is Awesome!!!! and right next to a marine parts store. we found all the little parts and put it back together again!

running better than ever.

On our walk to the boat part store we ran into our friend Tim from the Pirate ship in his work truck.

"Are you guys lost or something?"

"As a matter of fact..."

He was able to give us a ride back down to the boat club and help us out. Brought his grandson down the next day.

Some photos! (New and Old)

Vorrasi and I in pittsburgh, boy has the raft changed.

bad head wind, this was the first week, we still have our poor dingy.

wellsburgh, ohio. A friend helped us change gear oil.

beaver river!

New Martinsville, and my Oma and Opa visiting!

THE DUDE. Tim hooked us up at his campsite. Great guy.

My friends in payne hollow, Martin, Averyl, and Adam

This painting is made of fish hooks. Somewhere in Louisville

The Pirate Ship!

This boat is at least 15stories tall. It fixes the locks. (which always need fixing)

Louisville, KT

From the calm of the hollow, we entered the bustle of Lousiville, KT.

Vorrasi, anxious to beat the cold, motored all night. We moored in some creek. When we woke, we realized that it wasn't just any creek. We were parked across the water from a five story yacht and mansion! This creek was yacht central. One side wild life preserve, on the other were several crew of lawn boys keeping everything up to code. The girls let themselves to shore, and we reorganized the boat. In the middle of our breakfast fire, I see little Isabella hen fly over us in the grasp of an OWL! Vorrasi and I start yelling, and the poor little chicken fell from the sky and hit the side of the raft then slid down into the cold water. We scooped her out and she layed an egg. What a bird.

The folks at the fancy boat club drinking espresso gave us the crazy look. "Yes, we came out of there"

Approaching Louisville, we saw tents and people so we pulled up, dropped anchor, and went up to what we found out was the "Peace and Roots festival". We tryed not to get run down by the parade of babies holding dove floats, or the aggressive dentist with her organic apple.

"Want an Organic apple?"
"Sure, but none of the plastic, its not organic in that bag"
"Here's a tooth brush."
"Hey, what are you trying to say? "

We got out of there quick. A storm was brewing. The wind was barely manageable, but somehow we coasted into the public dock next to a pirate ship, and not over the falls of the Ohio. We were lucky to meet to nice fellows on a pontoon who told us about the place earlier. Thanks!

Once we got all the hatches battened, we drank whiskey and ate brots with the pirates. Tim moored on the Kentucky side of the river to avoid all the bridge traffic, and happened to have a first grade reunion the night we arrived. We told stories and braved the worst storm we had yet. 25mph winds! I was so happy to be at a dock next to friends.

Tim, who is normally up at 6, said hello to us at ten, and Bobby from the ship, was going to meet us at 10 and came at noon. It was a good thing too, we had woken up at 11. The ship was a bunch of fun.
Bobby helped us out so much. We manged to get all the tools we needed. We loaded up gas, food, and I bought a bow saw. He gave us the most wonderful present, a Dutch oven! Becoming more and more like payne hollow.

John nation took lots of photos and made us a disk that I can send to mom. We met his daughter and then got a great tour. We drank some great coffee and met sean. I was trying to weave a grass basket the whole time which I gave to Grace.  Thanks!

Sean and Kamila came over to our little raft to share a fire and brought several german army coats that have been keeping us warm since!

Leaving first thing in the morning! (sometime around noon)

Payne Hollow, the home of the hubbards.

We thankfully and gladly dropped colin in Cinncinatti. Sometimes the river just makes people mean. I'm not the kind of person to give up when things are hard, or I would've left the raft a while ago. After trying everything, I can give up on Colin Anderson. Its a shame.

With all that tension gone, we picked up Mike Vorrasi  from the bus and Paul drove the two of us back to madison to meet my friends from Earlam College in Richman, IN. It was so good to see my old freinds of 5 or more years, especially after everything I had to deal with with Colin.  I am so lucky to have such great people in my life.

We headed to the hollow, and beached up a pauls place. Martin drove the raft for a bit, the rest of the crew sipped good ole' kentucky burbon on the front of the deck. After all the harsh words and belittlement of colin, it was good to know that I can drive the boat without him. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to not be the object of blame and his anger. It was even more wonderful to share this moment with familar faces. I'm not alone in this adventure.

We pulled up to paul's house, "Paul, I am never leaving" turning to my friends, "He thinks I'm joking".
Vorrasi and I ended up staying a week, swimming and learning a different way of life. We cooked on the hearth everyday, had lots of time to fix up our raft, and share stories. I learned so much from Paul and am so thankful he took us in.  What a great friend to have.

It was hard to say goodbye to paul and leave the peace of the hollow, but winter is coming. Back to the grind and into the wind we went.  

Madison, IN

The little town of Madison is lovely. Our first day the weather was misty and rainy. Winds were high. In warsaw we had met Jeff who told us of the hollow and Paul, who owns the place now. The boat was worse than it ever had been, due to the storms. There was mud everywhere and all of our things in a jumble. We called up Jeff right before the highway bridge, "They pulled the public dock out of the water" "Where should we go?"

We maneuvered to a paved landing near a campground where Jeff pulled up in a yellow side car, paul following him, and somehow my friend traveling across country from LA followed paul in a mini cooper. We made all the introductions and called the Lighthouse cafe marina then headed down to dock. Evan, my friend coming from californina, braved the mist, while paul and I drove.

"Paul, now I realize why everyone looks and points at us." This was the first time I saw the raft underway with out me! We are this little piece of junk inching down a big stormy river hundreds of miles. 

Evan went on his way back to my home city of Philadelphia, I thought about going with him. BUT here I am still on this drifting dock with my two chickens.

Paul and I went out to lunch and then he gave me a full tour of Madison, including Amy and Jane's barbershop. We had a couple beers as I picked away at the banjo on the wall.

The next day, I packed my little hens a lunch and put them in Jane's coop. First day with other hens! They all ganged up on my poor little sweat hearts and we had to separate them. They were both happy and taken care of once the separate coop was shut. With them taken care of, we headed down to the hollow. There is a slippery mile hike down to Pauls little house on the hillside. No heat, No electric, No running water, but everything you could need or want. His shelves were stacked with useful books, kitchen full of food, tall fire wood pile, and a lovely place to sit and watch the woods. 

The innovation of the place and hard work is what makes payne hollow beautiful. The hubbards are gone, but the way of life is not dead. Payne hollow is alive because of Paul. There is no entrance fee. There is no silk rope and "do not touch" sign. There is a warm hearth and duch oven corn. Stir your soup with Anna hubbard's spoon, because that is what it was made for. The chairs are sat in, and the beautiful wood working is used.

Calmed from the visit to the hollow, we climbed the hill and went over to jane's house.. I let the lady's out to peck in the grass, and with a full belly of jane's jumbulia, went to my little boat proud of the adventure and everything simple river life stands for.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Win a Vorrasi lose a Colin

Friends, the time has come for me to jump ship. Faith is getting the
better end of the deal I think. Losing me and gaining Vorrasi. They
will continue the dream together and we all know they will make it
far. I want to personally thank my friends, family, and everyone I
have met along the way (who is now my friend) for their never ending
support and encouragement. I could not have done this without you. I
look forward to spending the winter designing and building a new boat.
Until then, this is Colin, signing off. I love you all.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


We are saddened by the lack of a certain Barbie Robbins but are happy to be in Madison IN. We are at the public library now but sadly I can't figure out how to upload any pictures! Oh well, I'll post some up soon. Tomorrow we will go to Payne Hollow thanks to our new friend Paul who inherited it from Harlan and Anna Hubbard after they past on. For those of you who don't know, Harlan wrote an amazing book called Shantyboat, A River Way of Life in the 40s and Payne Hollow was their home until they died. We are happy to have river friends in Madison.
The weather this week has been unbearable but we have made it as far as we can. We will win a Vorrasi on Saturday, and I will write again then. It may be my last post on this blog. Thank you so much for reading our blog and supporting us along the way. It means the world to us. love. colin

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rising Sun

We are in Rising Sun Indiana. What a beautiful town. Last night we
canoed across river to Rabbit Hash Kentucky, where the mayor is a dog
(seriously), for a music festival they were having. What a cool time
we had! On our way back, some heavy lightning started in and wild
winds came a blowing up stream. We had to abandon the canoe until
today when we went back to pick it up where we left it. We walked in
the pouring rain back to our boat. Oh well, it was worth it to see
Rabbit Hash.
When we were in Dayton Kentucky, just across the river from
Cincinnati, we picked up a third rafter. Her name is Barbie. She is so
lovely. Yesterday she went back home. We miss her so much already.
Tomorrow we will head out for Louisville, but today we will wait out
the storms and spend time with our new friend Barb Anderson at
Anderson`s Riviera Inn. Peace and love. colin and faith

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I like big boats and I cannot lie. You jetskiers can`t deny!

Sorry the title is Faith`s fault. You know how she is with her jokes.
Well we are just now passing Brent Kentucky. The home of the most
famous raft voyage down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
That of Harlan and Anna Hubbard. Brent is still just as they described
it. No houses and rocky shoreline. We are so happy to be on this river
and see its history. Tonight we will be in Cincinnati.

Ripley OH

The nicest people I have ever met live in Ripley Ohio. We had such a
lovely stay at the Ripley Boat Club. It was our longest stay thus far
in the trip. Patty and Jack Pride took us in and made us feel right at
home. We also met our dear friends Miles and Holly who gave us the
cutest stray cat. Her name is (con) Tiki. I love her dearly. Pictues
to follow soon. The chickens are molting now because it is getting
cold. There are feathers everywhere and they seem so unhappy. Once we
left Ripley, which I personally would have been happy if that never
happened, we hit New Richmond for a bit and had a wonderful bite to
eat at Skippers River Cafe. We will either hit Cincinnati late tonight
or early tomorrow. Thanks to our wonderful friends in Ripley. We will
never forget you. Love. c

Sunday, August 28, 2011

a glimpse

  Lovely calm after the storm.
My little babies. ^^

I feel the hurricanes ablowin

back track! HOCKING PORT

The sun was starting to set. It would be dark soon. Still alone, I needed a nice place to put my house for the night.

Creeping along the shore, I yelled over the motor to the first person I saw.


Jim put his beer down and pointed right to his dock so there I went. The perfect place. Me and him had some beers and good conversation about the state of the world. We figured it all out.

(Thanks so much Jim for everything, really. It was wonderful to meet you.)

Colin had left a while back so having a good friend was one of the best things I could ask for.

Jim lent me all his tools, and Jodi gave me a gallon of paint.

Jodi and Seth live next door to Jim, and I had the greatest helper all weekend. Seth, 10 years old, became my first mate and good friend. We scrubbed the deck, chased after my hens, and fixed the roof. He worked so hard I should've payed him.

Jim took me over to the campground where I met the whole crew. Wendy becomes her songs as the campfire dances, and everyone trys to sing along challenged by fermented beverages. I felt so welcomed and appreciated.  Congrats on Ashly's first year of marriage! whahoo!

Colin came back to the raft. here we go on the river again. here we go. Turn the page.


Monday, August 22, 2011

DNR and giant storm = no fun

So we left Huntington after the two storms we had in the morning and
early afternoon hoping that we could be lucky the rest of the day and
make some time. When we were only four miles away from the West
Virginia/Kentucky border, we were stopped by the WV DNR police boat.
Since we don`t have our boat registered, they hassled us a bit, but
were respectful. Since we were so close to leaving their jurisdiction,
they let us off with a warning. They said, "Well, you`ll be Kentucky`s
problem now." Haha! Well I think being pulled over was a sign of bad
things to come for this day. The policemen warned us of the trechery
ahead once we crossed over into Kentucky. They told us we would see
more barges than we had seen thus far. They were right. Fleeting
harbors on both sides of the river, oil, steel, and coal factories
lined both sides of the river! I told Faith that we must have missed
the sign that says, "Kentuckt does not welcome you!" As the sun
started to make it`s way down, we were looking for some place to sleep
(and be safe). We tried the Big Sandy River. Who names a river that
way that is caked with mud? It`s not a funny joke! With no luck there,
we heading back out into the barge ridden Ohio and as soon as we did a
huge storm rolled up. I was tilling the motor and I pulled the plastic
sheeting overtop of my body to stay dry. Faith was not so lucky. She
was attaching the running lights and keeping watch out front. The
wind, rain, and motor were loud enough that I couldn`t hear her
directions and I couldn`t see anything myself. Wow. We finally found a
spot in between two fleeting harbors, and we tied ropes to the shore
and anchored. Faith was dripping wet. The wake from all the barges
that passing us last night was brutal. Suffice to say I didn`t sleep a
wink. Today is calm and all is well now. We made it far away from the
barge traffic. We`re back out in the middle of nowhere. Just where we
should be. Love all yinz. c

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts this week, we were too busy making it 100
miles in five days! Thanks to Jim and Seth in Hockingport for helping
us with tools and renovations. We made it to Huntington WV on friday.
There we met some lovely people that my father knows from work. Then
as we were passing Huntington, we saw a river restaurant. All of the
people were staring at us and some of the employees were waving us in!
We had dinner on our new friend Terry that night. Thanks Terry. We
stayed there for the night and met so many wonderful people. Lambrose
and Anthony, thanks for the great time. You guys rock. On saturday we
found a small creek and a rope swing and had a nice camp out. We will
soon be underway again. Next stop Cincinnati!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I fell asleep to the sound of sucker fish slapping their tails against
the hull of our boat. It`s good to be home. Love, Colin

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Worst storms yet.

A gail blew up out of nowhere right out of Newport, ohio. The sun was setting and the sky got dark. Very Dark. I got nervous.

"Faith, I think we need to get off the water."

"Can we make it to that island?"

We couldn't. The wind picked up and were were full throttle and going backwards. There were some pilings up ahead so we aimed to beach ourselves. Thundering and lightning, I jumped into the water. Thinking "If the ohio river gets hit I'm dead".  I sank. There's the drop off. Colin was on the troller full power. Finding footing I walked the anchor deep into the weeds. It held and I jumped back to the boat, and put my rubber boots on. " I will not drown, or hit by lightning." 

There were two piles on my bed, dry and wet. Colin's swim shorts and my rain coat were the only things that  weren't SOAKED. How it goes. 

We continued at night. Our running lights went up and we approched the lock. Both Colin and I were shivering it was the cold after the storm. The calm was gone a while ago. I get the radio on and radio the locks, they're getting a chamber ready for us.

over the radio I hear " there is a poorly lit pleasure craft that is suppose to come through but I don't see them. We'll lock you through with them" 

"This is the Betty Walker, we're right at your door. I apologize about the lights we'll have to upgrade the second we get a chance." 

"Just wait for the flashing green light" 

It felt like an hour later when we entered the haunting chamber and roped a pin. Down the water and our little raft went. The lockmaster came over and asked us to be careful and mount our lights higher. There were two upbound tugs underway, so we stayed to the right desending bank of this dark river that took some kind of transformation in the faded sun. A world of lights and reflections guided us to a bank of a cooking cutter house development. We cooked a soup and passed out a little wet and cold.  

Newport, ohio


He's off to the races back in the Burgh. Speeding down route seven, I know he missed the raft already. We ate some ice cream at the Jug, ice cream parlor. It was like we had seven heads. We sat on our pink and yellow, normal looking house boat, while a crowd of 20 ice cream lickers stared us down.
"Maybe we should gawk back and them and they'll stop" puzzles colin.
"give em some of their own medicine."

We bought ice cream and stared them all down, then vorrasi drove away.

Leo and Mary-Ellen from Marietta came by. everything on the raft was "wonderful and marvelous". Thanks for cheering us up! Mary held hotwings for the picture and promised to meet up with us in Marietta. Really wonderful folks.



Thanks Tim for taking us in!

We tried to leave New Martinsville floating, and after almost getting pulled into a creek we had to turn on the motor. We were making a speedy getaway at four mph full throttle, when Tim pulled us over in his pontoon boat and gave us a tow to his campground. With his long hair blowing in the wind we cruised to a small dock on the back channel of an island. Moonshine and jet skis, Vorrasi kept yelling at me to slow down. Cutting back in forth in the waves, I sped around as the sun slipped behind the ohio hills (larger than the West Virgina hills at this point). We were treasure hunters looking for arrow heads on the beach, but I just found skipping stones. Tim brought over some green tomatoes the next day along with burgers and a whole cook out. Great fun. Lots of laughs.

The dark side came out the next day, Tim's dock had WOLF SPIDERS. Hotwings chased one down across deck. It took five pecks and a scratch to kill the beast. eeek, bigger than my hand.


Sunday, August 7, 2011


Yesterday it rained so much but it stopped for most of the afternoon,
so we motored on to try to make up for lost time. We made it 20 miles!
Our longest day yet and we didn`t move at all in the morning. We made
it to the long and narrow back channel of Middle Island, just before
St. Mary`s WV.
At the opening there were lots of docks and camps, but then we hit the
shallow part that no other boat dared enter. Passing through for us
was even a bit difficult.Once we were halfway through the narrow
channel, coming up on Middle Island Creek, it started pouring again!
We ducked into the creek and under a bridge, where we spent the night.
It`s pretty uninhabited back here. Only the sounds from cars on the
highway bridge above us. I like it back here.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Martinsville

New Martinsville was a blast. Dom and Jackie of Scream N Dogs are the
best. Go there and eat a West Virginia Hot Dog. Seriously. They let us
hang around and gave us food because we must have looked hungry. Dom
took us out in his beautiful stern wheeler. He even pulled us out of
the mud when we got beached. The people of New Martinsville were so
kind to us. It was weird staying in one place for three days though,
since we usually move on so fast.
We got to see Faith`s family though, which was great. The only thing
that went wrong in New Martinsville was a run in with a silly city cop
that was trying to police the waterways. Apparently, cops are aloud to
make up laws whenever they want. He was initially called because of a
complaint from Dom and Jackie`s neighbor, we think. Evidently, we
still live in a culture where people can`t just talk to people to work
out their differences. They have to call the cops. We forget things
like that when on the river because they don`t exist there. We made it
out of that town and met a guy named Tim on the river. He was going
our way and towed us to his camp. Cool guy. We are close to
Sistersville, WV and enjoying a slow morning, eating stew that Faith`s
grandmother brought for us. More updates soon friends. Thanks for

Monday, August 1, 2011

Close call, story of the Tug.

Story of the Tug.
Like every other day, we were cruising down the river at the crushing speed of 2mph. The sun was shining. There was a ferocious headwind, as usual. We could've cut loose and gone to the Atlantic quicker. I swore if we put up the sail we'd end up in New Jersey in 10 days.
I was on watch on the wheely chair, chicken on my shoulder, Colin at the till, when Colin try's yelling over  the motor:
"Faith, askldjlkjkj"
"Faith akldjoijd TUG!"
I look over and see a tug full speed at our raft. "Colin, PORT, PORT!" We centimeter to the port. I'm thinking about the canoe, chickens, and the sunken Duck boat on the Delaware.

From the bow I'm yelling " DO YOU NEED TO GET TO THIS SHORE"
They yell back and hit the breaks; "WE JUST WANTED TO CHECK YINZ OUT!"
thanks guys, take a good look.

She cleans up great!

(The chickens are under the table) teak oil works wonders on plywood

true professionals.

Professional business cards, first take. Fresh off the styrofoam press. We had to get the truth out. 

Thanks Barker for bringing back to Buena Vista Coffee shop. Miss Yinz in da burgh! 


We got a Vorrasi back!

Me and little hotwings; she's off for a hop on the shore.

Too tall for  this bridge, no sunfish creek for us, but somehow Vorrasi, Barker, and Ed maneged to find us. Vorrasi just couldn't stay away from the raft. We knew it. Of course the moment he came back we got a head wind. Its all his fault. 
Ed and Colin swimming in the channel. Man shower.

Thanks for the pictures Barker and for coming to see us!

New Martinsville at last!!!

 HUGE WAKE AND HEAD WIND, and we're still smiling!

Hotwings and Leslie found some crikets. The cutest little river fowl you'll ever see. eggs for breakfast.

They went for a long hop this morning on the shore, scaring away all the cats and digging a hole .Hotwings is the cuddle chicken and leslie is a squaker. The noisest little bird at six in the morning. Keeps us moving! bok bok bakaaah


PS: thanks for the pictures Amy and the Wetzel Chronicle!

New Martinsville is pretty cool so far. We found some lovely people with a hot dog stand. We like hanging out there. Someone came by and interviewed us from the newspaper. By the way, here is a link to the Wheeling article is you haven't seen that yet: http://www.news-register.net/page/content.detail/id/557512/Voyagers-Travel-Ohio-River-Aboard-Cobbled-Together-Boat.html. Last night we had a lot of fun at the Spieler's Club in Proctor, WV. We love those people and will never forget them. Thanks for the drinks friends.


PS: oh and thanks to the New Martinsville Public Library. We love your computers and your air conditioning :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Let me start this post by saying that Moundsville WV is a really cool
place and everyone should go there. We met some amazing guys on the
public dock on our first night. They were amazing and shared their
beer with us. Love you dudes. When we first rolled into town the motor
was puttering and only running on one cylinder. We were real worried,
but as a result of a mistake on our charts, we docked up to a dock we
thought was public and found Mike the marine mechanic. We eventually
worked out a deal for a new motor with him. We now have a beautiful
new(er) working Johnson 9.9 on the back that certainly works better
than our last motor and won`t be nearly the headache. The story of how
we got this motor was pretty rediculous. Let me tell it to you now. We
got the money we needed to pay him and decided to motor up river about
100 feet or so back to the private dock that led us to Mike in the
first place because it was closer to his shop. We tied up and the wind
started blowing hard. Really hard. So, we ran up and got the motor, as
we were carrying it back down I looked down and turned to Faith and
said, "Where is the boat," in an especially worried tone. She looked
around confused. I saw it down from where we had come from! I put the
motor down and started running. Apparently it was ripped out of the
cleats and the hut acted as a sail and it barreled down the river. Our
canoe hit the end of a dock, bounced off, missed two $50,000 boats and
ended up wedged at the end of a private dock! When I got there, one of
the guys at the dock had a shepards hook out holding our boat from
banging into the dock. We jumped in, Faith and I, and started pushing
the boat away from the dock and all the expensive boats. I think when
they realized the storm was almost there and we had no where to go,
they let us stay at their dock for the night. It turns out the dock
belonged to Mike`s dad. Super cool people. They saw us at our worst
and most disorganized but they were so nice to us. What a crazy day
yesterday was. Thanks for everything Mike and Korrie. To Abbie and
Zane: the chickens miss you already :) Now we are floating down with a
nice downstream wind. We motored for a bit earlier and moved real
nicely. Thanks for reading friends. I`ll update again soon. Peace.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

100 miles!

Today we made it past the 100th mile marker. Thank you friends for
your support thus far it means so much. We are making this happen even
if we are only making it a few miles a day sometimes :) We love you
all. In other news, tonight we will sleep at the public dock in the
town of Moundsville, WV. We have met some wonderful people here
already. A guy in a really cool red boat gave us some cold drinks and
food. Cherries and a pepperoni roll, my personal favorite. We also
talked to a marine mechanic who hooked us up. Nice people in
Moundsville. We`ll write again soon. Love ya.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts :(

Friends, we are still alive. Sorry for the large gap in posts. I was
having trouble getting my phone to work properly with our blog
account. So, where to start? So many amazing things have happened. We
have met the most wonderful people and had such crazy experiences.
Some kind folk have given us tows along the way. We`ve weathered a few
storms, fixed motor issues, pushed through intense head winds, shared
meals and drinks with such amazing people. Those at the Brilliant Boat
Club and Dorsch`s Landing deserve way more than we could ever give.
You are true friends. Also our friend in Toronto OH deserves a shout
out. He took us to the gas station and the grocery store and shared
his time with us, as did our pal in Wellsburg WV. He even taught us
some new knots to try out. We are finding that river people are the
nicest people around. We are currently in Wheeling after two amazing
days spent with our new friends, the Dorsch`s. We are losing a
Vorrasi today, but Faith and I will float on. If this post works then
I will be back on the grid posting a lot more on my phone, thanks to the
technological ways of Michelle The Great. Thank you friends who have
helped us out along the way so far. We love you, and thank you friends
for reading and helping to keep the dream alive. peace. -colin

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 2: Bridgewater Landings rules, continued...

One of these things is not like the others.

Pardon the interuption, that was all my phone could handle at once. So Dave insisted on taking us to his private marina for the night. He towed us up into the mouth of the Beaver river and docked us up. The people there were the nicest people we have met so far. They shared their food, drink, knowledge, dock space, everything. Thank you friends. Bridgewater Landings rules. If the night couldn`t get any better, Michelle came up from Pittsburgh and spent the night. What a day.

Day 2: Bridgewater Landings rules

Dear friends, day two started with Faith`s procurement of two chickens as I have previously written. We left Sewickly at a decent hour and made it through our second lock shortly after. We then floated for most of the day. The pool that we were in was mosly full of pleasure boats and very few barges so we didn`t need to worry about menuvering too much. We would become surrounded by jet skiers and smaller boats who were just wondering what the hell we were doing. People were really friendly. At one point, some cops came down to the shore and yelled to us, "are yinz alright out there?" We all had a good laugh about that one. We were told by some people we met that there was a public dock just after the convergence of the Ohio and Beaver rivers, so we motored on so we could get there before dark. when we were passing the Beaver river, we met a boater named Dave, or Crazy Dave.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 1

Day one went off without a hitch. The engine worked great, although we floated a whole lot as well. We made it through the first lock and docked up just before the second lock at a public dock in Sewickly. Dear Natalie Allen and her roommate Morgan met us at the dock. Morgan fed us flatbread with homemade riccota cheese, Zuccini, cherries, and chocolate. Amazing. We slept at the public dock. No problem with the police , but trains rolled right passed us and honked their horns every time, even at 4 in the morning. Not too much sleep for any of us. For me, the trains, for Vorassi, the plywood bed, for Faith the cold. None the less, we got a good start on the day with eggs and the Dashields lock. Faith also met a woman that gave here too chickens. one year old and laying eggs. It looks like we will have breakfast for a while. love yinz. -colin

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Engine troubles + engine troubles+ engine troubles+ redemption = learning the speed at which things move on the river

So for the past week we have been having trouble with the engine. I called in a favor from this awesome guy I met on the river about a month ago. His name is Evan. He was amazing and found some parts for our motor. He also came down and helped us get it running. We took a spin up the river and everything was running smoothly. Now we`re finally good to go. We want to leave tomorrow but it all depends on if we get a few small necessities that we still need. We`ll update very soon. Love you.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Farewell Pittsburgh

Check it! We finally got the motor mounted. You know what that means??? We are leaving, so soon. We took down most of our provisions to the boat and had our first meal. Spaghetti pasta, oil, and spices. Sadly today it relentlessly raining, so the last few things we need to do might need to wait until tomorrow. We will update soon with a departure time and date. That way anyone that wishes will be able to wave us away with their handkerchiefs. Here is a pictures of us running up the Ohio river (motor view). Oh, and my feet are up in the air because I was especially giddy and excited. cheers

Moving Day!

Tony and the folks at the Island Boat Club needed to build some new docks, so we had to move the boat down past the sunken barge at the end of Tony's property. Sadly Faith went to see her parents in Philly so I got Kris and Barker to help. Here are some fun pictures thanks to Barker. Let's keep the dream alive. Love, colin and faith

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thankfully I recently found out how to send pictures from my phone to the computer. I'm so fancy. Expect more photos. Keep reading this blog.

Start at the bottom

Barker and Faith talking shop probably

Giant score
Can we help that there is a Hostess factory a block from the boat???

Yinzers on a raft

Faith and Seth are reviewing the walls that we put up

The deck is on! We can stop dropping things in the water now!

We had some of the trusses on at this point

This is what the damn thing looked like when we put it in the water

Dearest Father Tony, laying the frame

For your viewing pleasure, here is a short series of pictures