Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Henderson, KT We can do it.


finally. It was nice.

People came out on  the dock. All these children patted my chickens. The news paper came down. We got everything we needed. The people of Henderson encouraged us and reminded us that why we were doing what we are doing. Its an adventure, and adventures aren't all sunshine sometimes two weeks of rain.

We can make it. Maybe just to Nashville. We were starting to sink.

I decided to rename my hens, Leslie and Isabella Henderson.

Thank you!


Evansville, IN

"I give up. Lets take it all apart, go back to the hollow. I miss paul. I should be on the farm."

"Is that what you want? Thats not what you want. come on a little farther." -Vorrasi

Its still raining. We pulled up to the square concrete landing of evansville. We hit it too hard and broke part of the deck. All these people drove by took pictures and left. It was so rude. over 20 people couldn't be bothered to say hello or ask before they snaped a photo or did drive by video.

"Its over Vorrasi."

"These damn gawkers lets just go."

Angel mound, IN public dock

"This isn't worth it. I give up." -Faith

The wind had us beat. It finally stopped raining. A dog tried to eat my chickens. Leslie keeps loosing her feathers. Not even isabella layed an egg.

"This is a terrible ending. I don't want you just to give up. come on. Just to paduca."

He's crazy. But we kept going. Vorrasi hates campfires. he hated the raft, but we kept on keeping on.

Owensboro, KT

Every cop came to talk to us at the public dock.

"we already talked to someone."
"An officer?"
"An officer."
"I'm going to need your names...."

"Lets get out of here. Worst vacation ever." -vorrasi

We pushed off the concrete dock and couldn't start the motor. The water is freezing and we ended up backwards in the middle of the boat ramp. Vorrasi was on the shore with a line, and I was trying to poll us away from the rocks-both of us fighting the wind.

"Can I see your IDs?" A new one is standing behind Vorrasi.

"Can you wait until we get our boat docked? We're trying to navigate our boat right now. Do you want us in the rocks?"

"I'll be on my way then, call us if you need anything. Is Vorrasi, V-O-R-A-S-I"

"Yeah, sure." he responded.

Meanwhile a whole crowd of people decided to take pictures. "wow. look at the raft. How do you go to the bathroom? I have to ask."

We built a raft, lived on it, and moved 700 something miles and the first thing you ask about my life is how I pee?  ask your mother. at least most people wait until question 7.

We moved to another part of the dock and unflooded our motor. got a tow out, pulled the string. Flooded again. Dropped anchor. Waited for the rain to stop. dried out motor... and we left just as another cop pulled up.

A john boat fisherman stopped us, and gave us some gas.

"Call me if you need anything. I'll try to help you the best I can."

That night we had the worst storm. The worst we were in the back channel of some island. Vorassi was the sickest. We lit a candle and sat in the dark as our little boat was blown around our anchor, hoping that it would hold. The walls bent in with the wind. Lightning struck VERY close to our boat. It wouldn't let up. There was a river through the middle of the house. Chickens stayed quiet. Poor girls hadn't been to shore in a week.

The danforth held. We got out of there in the morning.

Grandview, IN

Very nice public dock. We stayed there a night. Its still raining. Vorrasi very sick. I sliced my finger real bad I still can't feel it a month later. A fisherman gave us a first aid kit that has really helped. I always seem to get holes in my hands and feet. Two foot waves again.

We ran the first time we could, which was at night. I napped off the shell shock of cutting my finger. I could feel it in my other fingers. The next hospital was in Owensboro. Vorrasi motored us in the cold and rain. We switched he slept for a bit. We got to a dock full of drunks.

2am "hello?...hello?"

"We're trying to sleep in here." Vorrasi grumbled. What are some people's problems.

My finger stopped bleeding and we kept going. This is testing our relationship.



We are in awe. Our friend Super foot, famous water skiier, hand built a light house castle musem, complete with pool, draw bridge, and tribushe. You have to see it to believe it. Look at the pictures. No really its worth it.

Hawesville, KT

This is horrible. There are good times, we were trying to remember. It was still raining. The wind picked up and threw the water around the bend, creating 2 foot waves. The motor went under twice. There was a creek on the chart, we couldn't fit. On top of that there was scrap metal on the beach we were getting blown into. We had to get out and push.
"our only chance is that bridge."

We motored back. There was another spot that looked okay. It was rocky.
We threw the anchor and waited. Sunset the wind calmed down and back to the bridge. I tied every single line we had  to this little eye hook sticking out of the concrete. The moment we got there the wind picked up again, back to two foot waves and hitting the piling all night.

Its five o'clock.

"lets go to sleep."-vorrasi

He's sick. We make tea and pass out.

Cloverport, KT and Leavensworth, KT

Early start, we made it pretty far in the misty cold. We're out of fresh food.

"Whats for lunch?"
"Oh, I don't know, rice and can.."
"Rice two cans."

Cloverport had a whole crowd waiting for us. A friend gave Vorrasi and ride to get gas while I stayed and watched the chickens and the boat.

" I don't see a thing wrong with what you are doing, not a thing" -friend.
"He must have gone to the other side of town to get gas."

It had been up to 45 minutes. "He likes to fill the tanks with an eye dropper-to insure quailty"

Our friend had taken him to his "mancave" He came back with a whole bag of goodies. A cool of catfish, and a strange jug of moonshine. (I used it to start fires.)

It was so nice to talk to people. Most folks are off the river. Baja crew gone.

He gave us a bunch of Boat magines as well.

"Look Vorrasi, this yatch is only 2.5 million dollars.."
"Thats nicer than most people's house."
"We could give the chickens thier own deck!"

Nicer weather. pants short sleave weather. Its a nice break. We rounded the bend to Leavensworth, a small town on top of a cliff. We met a friend.

"I'm watts, like the light bulb."

He knew paul from pain hollow and the hubbards.

"oh I know the hubbards, Harlen sounds like Mickey Mouse."

Brandenburgh, KT


To the tune of "I'll fly away" sung by the bible folks in the public dock's pavillion we walked up to the stern wheeler that was taking up the whole public dock. Vorrasi stepped off the boat into a foot of mud and fell.
The Sternwheeler folks were coming from Marrietta, OH from the festival to their home dock on the Misouri.

Weather radio "Hazard weather: hazardous weather expect. Spot report: spotter not aviable"
"We hear there is a bad storm coming."
"Thanks for letting us know"
"We're in the craft over there"
"is Thats so."
"Do you think we could share the dock?"

They were nice enough to let us dock next to them with our muddy raft. He was as tired as us.

They've been pushing hard as well to beat the cold and get back to work. We ate some pizza and watch a movie of a ship sinking.

"Thanks for the Knot book!" Their wheel (that we were tied to) woke us up at 6am. On the move.

The hazardous weather that nice was five rain drops, no wind.

west point, KT

Slept under a bridge right next to the gas station.

Coffee in the morning. big breakfast. more rain.

Called Paul from the Hollow on the phone. It was good to hear from him. The Hubbard's spoon was a hitch-hiker in our dishes pile. Time for it to go home via post.

no eggs from the ladies, Leslie is losing all of her feathers. Twenty fell off the last time I picked her up. poor little lady.  

RAIN. and more RAIN.

"This is the 10th day of rain." -v
"Why are you counting? It just makes it worse."- v
"When it stops raining, I'll stop counting." -f

Everything  muddy. Everything a mess. Vorrasi got sick. It got so cold.

Falls of the Ohio, or the concrete dam. (not so impressive)

Chickens stayed on shore all day while we went with our friends from New Albany to the Falls of the Ohio. It turned out not to be a beautiful waterfall, but a nice nice beach and a whole rock bed of fossils. I swear I found a dinosaur foot in the rock. Vorrasi took a picture of the ground every couple feet, I couldn't see him after a while. It was so beautiful there. There was lots of long boards in the drift, so I filled the canoe. Vorrasi loved it.

"We have enough beams for a real house now!"

and so the construction began.  We've been tripping over it ever since.

pictures soon. Its been hard to find internet.

Hot dogs on the beach over a ROARING FIRE.