Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update #2 Dammed if we do

more info more info more info...

Appearently There are no dams or locks on from St. Louis on....hurrah. phew.

but... the ohio is nicknamed "the water stairway"

Damned if we do. are three dams on from where I wanted to put in on the Ohio, one of the dams is a waterfall.

So it would make sense to start in St. Louis, if I had anycontacts there... Detroit is very far from this thing, but its got the resources... Any ideas?

On the brighter side, a friend from school might beable to dig us up a motor! Josh, you are a baddass.

fun fact: The adverage speed of the mississippi river is 1.3-3 we have to go at least 3-5 miles per hour inorder to have any control.

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