Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thankfully I recently found out how to send pictures from my phone to the computer. I'm so fancy. Expect more photos. Keep reading this blog.

Start at the bottom

Barker and Faith talking shop probably

Giant score
Can we help that there is a Hostess factory a block from the boat???

Yinzers on a raft

Faith and Seth are reviewing the walls that we put up

The deck is on! We can stop dropping things in the water now!

We had some of the trusses on at this point

This is what the damn thing looked like when we put it in the water

Dearest Father Tony, laying the frame

For your viewing pleasure, here is a short series of pictures


  1. oh word, you guys have gotten a lot done since i was there.

  2. When and where will the bon voyage party take place?