Saturday, September 24, 2011

Louisville, KT

From the calm of the hollow, we entered the bustle of Lousiville, KT.

Vorrasi, anxious to beat the cold, motored all night. We moored in some creek. When we woke, we realized that it wasn't just any creek. We were parked across the water from a five story yacht and mansion! This creek was yacht central. One side wild life preserve, on the other were several crew of lawn boys keeping everything up to code. The girls let themselves to shore, and we reorganized the boat. In the middle of our breakfast fire, I see little Isabella hen fly over us in the grasp of an OWL! Vorrasi and I start yelling, and the poor little chicken fell from the sky and hit the side of the raft then slid down into the cold water. We scooped her out and she layed an egg. What a bird.

The folks at the fancy boat club drinking espresso gave us the crazy look. "Yes, we came out of there"

Approaching Louisville, we saw tents and people so we pulled up, dropped anchor, and went up to what we found out was the "Peace and Roots festival". We tryed not to get run down by the parade of babies holding dove floats, or the aggressive dentist with her organic apple.

"Want an Organic apple?"
"Sure, but none of the plastic, its not organic in that bag"
"Here's a tooth brush."
"Hey, what are you trying to say? "

We got out of there quick. A storm was brewing. The wind was barely manageable, but somehow we coasted into the public dock next to a pirate ship, and not over the falls of the Ohio. We were lucky to meet to nice fellows on a pontoon who told us about the place earlier. Thanks!

Once we got all the hatches battened, we drank whiskey and ate brots with the pirates. Tim moored on the Kentucky side of the river to avoid all the bridge traffic, and happened to have a first grade reunion the night we arrived. We told stories and braved the worst storm we had yet. 25mph winds! I was so happy to be at a dock next to friends.

Tim, who is normally up at 6, said hello to us at ten, and Bobby from the ship, was going to meet us at 10 and came at noon. It was a good thing too, we had woken up at 11. The ship was a bunch of fun.
Bobby helped us out so much. We manged to get all the tools we needed. We loaded up gas, food, and I bought a bow saw. He gave us the most wonderful present, a Dutch oven! Becoming more and more like payne hollow.

John nation took lots of photos and made us a disk that I can send to mom. We met his daughter and then got a great tour. We drank some great coffee and met sean. I was trying to weave a grass basket the whole time which I gave to Grace.  Thanks!

Sean and Kamila came over to our little raft to share a fire and brought several german army coats that have been keeping us warm since!

Leaving first thing in the morning! (sometime around noon)

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