Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rising Sun

We are in Rising Sun Indiana. What a beautiful town. Last night we
canoed across river to Rabbit Hash Kentucky, where the mayor is a dog
(seriously), for a music festival they were having. What a cool time
we had! On our way back, some heavy lightning started in and wild
winds came a blowing up stream. We had to abandon the canoe until
today when we went back to pick it up where we left it. We walked in
the pouring rain back to our boat. Oh well, it was worth it to see
Rabbit Hash.
When we were in Dayton Kentucky, just across the river from
Cincinnati, we picked up a third rafter. Her name is Barbie. She is so
lovely. Yesterday she went back home. We miss her so much already.
Tomorrow we will head out for Louisville, but today we will wait out
the storms and spend time with our new friend Barb Anderson at
Anderson`s Riviera Inn. Peace and love. colin and faith


  1. Hi floaters,

    I just gave your raft a drink. I've been checking in from time to time, ever since I saw an article in the Wheeling, WV paper. I'm a big fan of your journey. Keep uploading pics and stories. Your floating home is a work of art. One tip from an old chicken raiser - once they start moulting you will get very few eggs for the next 6 weeks or so. They are also going to look like very ugly miniature buzzards. It might be time for a nice bar-b-q.

    Happy journeys...

    Jim H

  2. Hi Colin and Faith,

    We really enjoyed the time we had with you in Rising Sun. Great talking to you about historical sites and life in general at Anderson's Riveria Inn. Now we know where we can look to keep tabs on you. Wish you well on your journey to the South. Safe trip...Dick and Wanda