Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gear list

(my list)
-strap sandles
-rain coat
-long underwhere
-layers layers layer
-wool socks
-sun screen
-cold meds.
-good flashlight
-soap, and detergent
-nail clippers
-mess kit
-good knife

(I'm trying to pack for cold and hot.. north and south)

MUST BRING OWN LIFE VEST. (recomend type 3) I will pantz anyone on the water caught without it.

Things needed for our lovely raft

-VHF radio- to call other boats
-Marine rated fire extingushier
-out board engine (or two) hoping for a 4 stroke.
-spare parts^^ (cannot use auto parts on marine engine, unless we want to explode)
-Running lights, one 360arc white 90red 90green
-A big bell, horn, or air horn. (I'm thinking we can impromise)
-solar panel rig some kind of energy source, recharge batteries off motor
-two marine batteries (one running lights, two engine start)
-mosquito netting
-good tarp/canopy
-lots of rope/lines
-tool kit
-charts, chart box
-Library (wouldn't that be fun)
-Head (some sort of composting toliet?)
-first aid kit
-water barrels

As I think of more I'll just add it right on.. I've been saving up a little, but these things all add up. If you see something on creigslist or somewhere cheap we should jump on it. I want to get a radio new. A good radio is necessary if we get in a jam.

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