Sunday, November 14, 2010

A head of the head.

Reply from Neutrino's:

Here's the deal with the toilet. Official Coast Guard policy is that you
have to have an official APPROVED marine portapotty IF you have a toilet
onboard. You don't have to have one. But if you do, it better be
approved. You can claim that you always go ashore. THis can be hard to
pull off if you are sleeping onboard every night, often away from towns.
That's from the CG point of view. Then there's the local, state, county
and city points of view.all of these can have their own regulations,
most of the time it's something along the lines of "no discharge" and
they are likely to figure if you are living onboard, you need to have a
"gotta do it right."
actually, from my point of view, there's doing it safely, and doing it
with ease and enjoyment, there's no "right."

I wrote:

Hey there!
Thanks for getting back me, this is so exciting. The links are pretty empowering, especially the pictures of you guys in the locks. woah. so brave.
I'll keep on researching. :-) gotta do it right. I've been struggling with what to do about having a head on the raft. Brainstormed a couple designs, I'm thinking a saw dust composting toilet, but it might get gross. Thinking about caving and buying a $30 marine toilet Hefty fines for pollution in the river. Did make stops along the way? I'm hoping what we need to do will become apparent when we depart.
Rafter solidarity,

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