Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reply from the rafting Neutrinos

Thanks for the kind words. You are quite right not to underestimate the
power of the "Mighty Mississippi." Below you will find some links to
parts of our site that you may not have seen, which will answer most of
your questions so far.
If after reading all this, you have further questions, please feel free
to write again.
1. basic raft construction for the river:
2. photos of how we built the Mississippi River raft:
3. log of our Mississippi trip, starting at St. Louis. The log reads in
an upward direction, but there is a link at the end of each entry, to
jump you to the next entry.,%202000,%20a%20few%20miles%20below%20St.Louis,%20MO
Best wishes in your dreaming and doing,

I wrote:

Hey there!

Sweet rafts. Grand adventures. A solid crew and I are heading down the Mississippi this spring, from St. Louis on (no dams from there down), and was wondering if been down that way or have any pro-rafting tips for us. I admire your courage and all your work.

We're thinking of constructing a caravan of pontoon boats out of whatever we find in Detroit. We have a small budget, so enough for some basics like life jackets and a motor.. I would love to do without power, but its a tricky game when having control means being faster than the river. Control seems to be a valuable thing when up against a beast like the Mississippi.

I'm so curious. What do you recommend for a raft build? What are some of the challenges that you had to overcome on your adventures?

In rafting solidarity,

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