Friday, July 8, 2011

Farewell Pittsburgh

Check it! We finally got the motor mounted. You know what that means??? We are leaving, so soon. We took down most of our provisions to the boat and had our first meal. Spaghetti pasta, oil, and spices. Sadly today it relentlessly raining, so the last few things we need to do might need to wait until tomorrow. We will update soon with a departure time and date. That way anyone that wishes will be able to wave us away with their handkerchiefs. Here is a pictures of us running up the Ohio river (motor view). Oh, and my feet are up in the air because I was especially giddy and excited. cheers


  1. Yinz are two of the most beautiful creatures on this earth.

  2. Farewell to the Recession-mobile. Go with the flow, but DO NOT DROWN

  3. The night before you guys left was EPIC! Hope yal have fun and be safe! - JAY