Saturday, July 30, 2011


Let me start this post by saying that Moundsville WV is a really cool
place and everyone should go there. We met some amazing guys on the
public dock on our first night. They were amazing and shared their
beer with us. Love you dudes. When we first rolled into town the motor
was puttering and only running on one cylinder. We were real worried,
but as a result of a mistake on our charts, we docked up to a dock we
thought was public and found Mike the marine mechanic. We eventually
worked out a deal for a new motor with him. We now have a beautiful
new(er) working Johnson 9.9 on the back that certainly works better
than our last motor and won`t be nearly the headache. The story of how
we got this motor was pretty rediculous. Let me tell it to you now. We
got the money we needed to pay him and decided to motor up river about
100 feet or so back to the private dock that led us to Mike in the
first place because it was closer to his shop. We tied up and the wind
started blowing hard. Really hard. So, we ran up and got the motor, as
we were carrying it back down I looked down and turned to Faith and
said, "Where is the boat," in an especially worried tone. She looked
around confused. I saw it down from where we had come from! I put the
motor down and started running. Apparently it was ripped out of the
cleats and the hut acted as a sail and it barreled down the river. Our
canoe hit the end of a dock, bounced off, missed two $50,000 boats and
ended up wedged at the end of a private dock! When I got there, one of
the guys at the dock had a shepards hook out holding our boat from
banging into the dock. We jumped in, Faith and I, and started pushing
the boat away from the dock and all the expensive boats. I think when
they realized the storm was almost there and we had no where to go,
they let us stay at their dock for the night. It turns out the dock
belonged to Mike`s dad. Super cool people. They saw us at our worst
and most disorganized but they were so nice to us. What a crazy day
yesterday was. Thanks for everything Mike and Korrie. To Abbie and
Zane: the chickens miss you already :) Now we are floating down with a
nice downstream wind. We motored for a bit earlier and moved real
nicely. Thanks for reading friends. I`ll update again soon. Peace.

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  1. Whoa! What an adventure! I'm glad to hear that you got a better motor than the one you had. We miss you both lots here in Pittsburgh, and I often get asked how you are doing. Give us a call and say hello when you get the chance!

    Much love,