Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts :(

Friends, we are still alive. Sorry for the large gap in posts. I was
having trouble getting my phone to work properly with our blog
account. So, where to start? So many amazing things have happened. We
have met the most wonderful people and had such crazy experiences.
Some kind folk have given us tows along the way. We`ve weathered a few
storms, fixed motor issues, pushed through intense head winds, shared
meals and drinks with such amazing people. Those at the Brilliant Boat
Club and Dorsch`s Landing deserve way more than we could ever give.
You are true friends. Also our friend in Toronto OH deserves a shout
out. He took us to the gas station and the grocery store and shared
his time with us, as did our pal in Wellsburg WV. He even taught us
some new knots to try out. We are finding that river people are the
nicest people around. We are currently in Wheeling after two amazing
days spent with our new friends, the Dorsch`s. We are losing a
Vorrasi today, but Faith and I will float on. If this post works then
I will be back on the grid posting a lot more on my phone, thanks to the
technological ways of Michelle The Great. Thank you friends who have
helped us out along the way so far. We love you, and thank you friends
for reading and helping to keep the dream alive. peace. -colin


  1. Keep up the writing, I'm stoked to hear about your travels.

    Maybe I'll come visit sometime...


  2. Glad you guys are ok! We thought you had given up.. or worse! Keep on keeping on.. and keep us posted!
    Deb and Steve (in the blue boat), Neville Island

  3. P.S... how are the chickens?

    Deb and Steve