Monday, August 1, 2011

New Martinsville at last!!!

 HUGE WAKE AND HEAD WIND, and we're still smiling!

Hotwings and Leslie found some crikets. The cutest little river fowl you'll ever see. eggs for breakfast.

They went for a long hop this morning on the shore, scaring away all the cats and digging a hole .Hotwings is the cuddle chicken and leslie is a squaker. The noisest little bird at six in the morning. Keeps us moving! bok bok bakaaah


PS: thanks for the pictures Amy and the Wetzel Chronicle!

New Martinsville is pretty cool so far. We found some lovely people with a hot dog stand. We like hanging out there. Someone came by and interviewed us from the newspaper. By the way, here is a link to the Wheeling article is you haven't seen that yet: Last night we had a lot of fun at the Spieler's Club in Proctor, WV. We love those people and will never forget them. Thanks for the drinks friends.


PS: oh and thanks to the New Martinsville Public Library. We love your computers and your air conditioning :)

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