Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Henderson, KT We can do it.


finally. It was nice.

People came out on  the dock. All these children patted my chickens. The news paper came down. We got everything we needed. The people of Henderson encouraged us and reminded us that why we were doing what we are doing. Its an adventure, and adventures aren't all sunshine sometimes two weeks of rain.

We can make it. Maybe just to Nashville. We were starting to sink.

I decided to rename my hens, Leslie and Isabella Henderson.

Thank you!



  1. A friend and I stood down by the river in Maysville and sent out into the universe a message filled with positive thoughts, asking to provide you with the hope, energy and help you need to continue your journey. Neither of us has a dime to our names, but you have been an inspiration to us old dreamers, so for now this is the best we can do for you!

  2. I'm glad you've kept on trucking!

  3. Guys, even if you decide to call it quits, you're still our heroes! We just finished a road trip to New Orleans and on the way back were hoping to track you down in Nashville, if you had made it that far. We thought of you often while driving back home to Pittsburgh. Give the chickens a hug for us. Regardless of how far you make it, you will have an amazing story to tells friends and family when you're 80!
    Deb and Steve, Neville Island