Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brandenburgh, KT


To the tune of "I'll fly away" sung by the bible folks in the public dock's pavillion we walked up to the stern wheeler that was taking up the whole public dock. Vorrasi stepped off the boat into a foot of mud and fell.
The Sternwheeler folks were coming from Marrietta, OH from the festival to their home dock on the Misouri.

Weather radio "Hazard weather: hazardous weather expect. Spot report: spotter not aviable"
"We hear there is a bad storm coming."
"Thanks for letting us know"
"We're in the craft over there"
"is Thats so."
"Do you think we could share the dock?"

They were nice enough to let us dock next to them with our muddy raft. He was as tired as us.

They've been pushing hard as well to beat the cold and get back to work. We ate some pizza and watch a movie of a ship sinking.

"Thanks for the Knot book!" Their wheel (that we were tied to) woke us up at 6am. On the move.

The hazardous weather that nice was five rain drops, no wind.

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