Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grandview, IN

Very nice public dock. We stayed there a night. Its still raining. Vorrasi very sick. I sliced my finger real bad I still can't feel it a month later. A fisherman gave us a first aid kit that has really helped. I always seem to get holes in my hands and feet. Two foot waves again.

We ran the first time we could, which was at night. I napped off the shell shock of cutting my finger. I could feel it in my other fingers. The next hospital was in Owensboro. Vorrasi motored us in the cold and rain. We switched he slept for a bit. We got to a dock full of drunks.

2am "hello?...hello?"

"We're trying to sleep in here." Vorrasi grumbled. What are some people's problems.

My finger stopped bleeding and we kept going. This is testing our relationship.

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