Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cloverport, KT and Leavensworth, KT

Early start, we made it pretty far in the misty cold. We're out of fresh food.

"Whats for lunch?"
"Oh, I don't know, rice and can.."
"Rice two cans."

Cloverport had a whole crowd waiting for us. A friend gave Vorrasi and ride to get gas while I stayed and watched the chickens and the boat.

" I don't see a thing wrong with what you are doing, not a thing" -friend.
"He must have gone to the other side of town to get gas."

It had been up to 45 minutes. "He likes to fill the tanks with an eye dropper-to insure quailty"

Our friend had taken him to his "mancave" He came back with a whole bag of goodies. A cool of catfish, and a strange jug of moonshine. (I used it to start fires.)

It was so nice to talk to people. Most folks are off the river. Baja crew gone.

He gave us a bunch of Boat magines as well.

"Look Vorrasi, this yatch is only 2.5 million dollars.."
"Thats nicer than most people's house."
"We could give the chickens thier own deck!"

Nicer weather. pants short sleave weather. Its a nice break. We rounded the bend to Leavensworth, a small town on top of a cliff. We met a friend.

"I'm watts, like the light bulb."

He knew paul from pain hollow and the hubbards.

"oh I know the hubbards, Harlen sounds like Mickey Mouse."

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