Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Owensboro, KT

Every cop came to talk to us at the public dock.

"we already talked to someone."
"An officer?"
"An officer."
"I'm going to need your names...."

"Lets get out of here. Worst vacation ever." -vorrasi

We pushed off the concrete dock and couldn't start the motor. The water is freezing and we ended up backwards in the middle of the boat ramp. Vorrasi was on the shore with a line, and I was trying to poll us away from the rocks-both of us fighting the wind.

"Can I see your IDs?" A new one is standing behind Vorrasi.

"Can you wait until we get our boat docked? We're trying to navigate our boat right now. Do you want us in the rocks?"

"I'll be on my way then, call us if you need anything. Is Vorrasi, V-O-R-A-S-I"

"Yeah, sure." he responded.

Meanwhile a whole crowd of people decided to take pictures. "wow. look at the raft. How do you go to the bathroom? I have to ask."

We built a raft, lived on it, and moved 700 something miles and the first thing you ask about my life is how I pee?  ask your mother. at least most people wait until question 7.

We moved to another part of the dock and unflooded our motor. got a tow out, pulled the string. Flooded again. Dropped anchor. Waited for the rain to stop. dried out motor... and we left just as another cop pulled up.

A john boat fisherman stopped us, and gave us some gas.

"Call me if you need anything. I'll try to help you the best I can."

That night we had the worst storm. The worst we were in the back channel of some island. Vorassi was the sickest. We lit a candle and sat in the dark as our little boat was blown around our anchor, hoping that it would hold. The walls bent in with the wind. Lightning struck VERY close to our boat. It wouldn't let up. There was a river through the middle of the house. Chickens stayed quiet. Poor girls hadn't been to shore in a week.

The danforth held. We got out of there in the morning.

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