Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hawesville, KT

This is horrible. There are good times, we were trying to remember. It was still raining. The wind picked up and threw the water around the bend, creating 2 foot waves. The motor went under twice. There was a creek on the chart, we couldn't fit. On top of that there was scrap metal on the beach we were getting blown into. We had to get out and push.
"our only chance is that bridge."

We motored back. There was another spot that looked okay. It was rocky.
We threw the anchor and waited. Sunset the wind calmed down and back to the bridge. I tied every single line we had  to this little eye hook sticking out of the concrete. The moment we got there the wind picked up again, back to two foot waves and hitting the piling all night.

Its five o'clock.

"lets go to sleep."-vorrasi

He's sick. We make tea and pass out.

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