Thursday, November 3, 2011

auzzi Bottoms

We got blown out by the mile 824, long landing bar a boat came over "you picked the best stop. West side of the river out of the wind. I sunk three of my boats on the other side of the river."
"You have to meet our friend indian Joe. He's been waving at you all morning., He doesn't get excited about things and he's excited."

My new shelf was almost done. I had been hammering and sawing all morning. It was the shabbiest thing, and I was tired.

We hop in their boat and rode cross the river to Indian Joe's camp.
" I had a chicken once. They love those hostest treats- the kind with the cream in the middle.. .A buddy dropped off a bunch of guinies (to eat the ticks) and a little black hen must have jumped off along with 'em. Two weeks later I couldn't figure out who was egging my car in its garage. I had the best sunday omeletts."

A big white dog greeted us and Indian Joe. We told stories and had a laugh at this land that floods every year and all the junk that washes up along with it.

"Joe, did you ever get that boat outta the weeds?'

"Naw, I forgot all about it. It might be there in the spring.  On the court house steps, I asked the man what I had just bought. 'The very worst' he said. 'All I need it for is fishing without being bothered'"

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