Thursday, November 3, 2011

locking up to Lake Kentucky

The current increased closer to the dam. We pushed on at our slow slow pace.

"Lake Kentucky lock, this is an upbound pleasure craft. over"

"Kentucky lock back. we're sending the tug at the gates through and after a dynmite blast we'll flip it and send you up."

I was on the phone with Zoe;
"You're waiting for the lock?"
"Yeah but they've got to blow something up first."

Bright orange life jacketed men came out on a john boat to instruct us and the fishermen to back off for the blast at 2:05pm. We were listening but didn't hear anything.

The green lights flashed and we inched to the monstrous chamber. Its alot different locking up instead of dwon. The doors look like the gates of mordor-100 feet high. Once we secured, it was like a hot tub's bubbler or water at a boil. We bubbled up to the lake's elevation and waited for the horn.

I caught some minoes which the chickens ate. ( Not the big fish I had hoped to catch) These birds are so bad. When I send the pole back before I cast, the chicken jumps up and eats the bate and I end up flinging an empty hook out.

Who knew chickens ate fish.

The lake was beautiful. This was the biggest water we've been on. Not that much barge traffic at all, and BEAUTIFUL.  The water was a line on the horizon and just at sunset its the same color as the sky. 

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