Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turkey creek marina

"We're low on water."  I said.

The temperature had gone up. We were in shorts and thinking about swiming. Such a nice break from the big rain. The sun felt great. The chickens lay on thier sides in the sun and stretch out their little wings.  It became a new game to make the hen chase the sinker across the deck. She runs and jumps. Silly little feather head.

We were heading down the right decending back (left side) and came across Turkey creek marina.

"Lets stop there and get water."

Really nice folks. we stopped and talked for a bit, filled our jugs, and really wanted to get a move on to take advantage of our break in the weather. A beautiful sail boat was docked there. "someday... "

We made it 3 or four miles when that same sailboat caught up to us, and started to circle. I was so excited I jumped off the tiller and left the engine at an idle, after that it never started the same.

So I pushed and we made it 2 more miles before the smoke got too bad and we pulled over.

"We could just leave it here."

"This might be it."

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