Thursday, November 3, 2011

Broken and fixed MASON DOCK RULES!

The next morning was a another beautiful day. Too bad we were stuck. We went to pull the string and it started but didn't go into gear.

We cleaned the house, ate a big breakfast, and packed up the canoe. The chickens found a nice place to sit under my chair.

"If we can't fix the engine, we could canoe the rest of the way." -f

"It'd be cheaper!" -v

Canoeing along, we yelled at the first boat we saw, named "Our Forth Quarter" . They had sold everything and live on their modest boat.

"Where are you headed?"

"The horizon!" They shouted.

They towed us a mile or so and went on their way.

"So you just go where ever you want?" -v

" except when we run into people like you!"

We kept canoing along,  untill a pontoon came over.


"We'll tow you."

They had met us yesterday at turkey creek, and heard we were broke down. Forth Quarter had called someone on the radio. The poor little chickens stayed in the canoe as we headed back to the boat, flapping and squawking as the water splashed in.

They towed our broken little boat all the way to the best place we could have landed, Mason's dock.  We were aprehensive, looking at all the expensive lake houses that surrrounded the cove. Then we saw a slips full of pontoons and knew we were safe.

"Pontoons, our friends on the river." had become one of Vorrasi's catch phrases.

We chatted with slyvia who ran the little resturant and ended up taking care of us the whole week. She'd save the dead minoes for the birds and we came to the resturant every morning for her hearty breakfasts.

The pontoon who saved us had also set up a time for a mechanic to come in the morning. "he's a good guy."  and he was.

He came down with his grandson in the morning and put our life line, the engine in his truck then drove off.

Faye let us show and do wash at her house, and fed us a lovely lunch.

We finished the roof of our house and all the walls. It leaks, but its nicer than the tent.

Tim and Jan took interest in us and became good friends. We don't laugh at ourselves untill we start talking and then all the hardships we have become worth the story. Thank you!

Mr. Grear helped me string my fishing pole, and showed me what kind of hook we needed. He caught us a nice bass for dinner. Oh it was good.

I learned to clean fish. Before I had only watched. It was horrifying at first, when I placed the flapping creature on the table. Its worth it. I love fish.

Glenn gave us his catch of bass and had lent us his tools for fixing our poor roof.

Mr. Reed, the owner of the boat dock, came over and warned us that our spot was a dangerous place to be in the wind.

Sylvia let us dock next to her place and it was a good test for our fixed motor.

We were starting to worry, but our man came back and the motor was beter than ever. He cleaned the carb, replaced the fuel line, fix our reverse, changed our oil, and changed the plugs.  He sat with us for a while and showed us how it all worked. This was such a help.

Whip and Karen invited us over for a bonfire and moonshine. it was a great party and lots of laugh.
"I was tickled by that chicken. It sat right next to me and I patted him."

He offered to pick up a load where ever we ended up and get my little birds home.
Mom says I can mail them so that might be easiest.

We departed masons with a whole crowd of friends waving from the dock. It gets lonely on the river, we are so thankful to meet such good people.

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  1. Please keep us posted.....We have been thinking about you. Glad our paths crossed.
    @Mason's Boat Dock