Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cave in rock

"The most beautiful pool on the ohio."

Vorrasi decided.

Our close run at teh last lock, being pinched between an electric plant, barge, and dam, along with all the indrustry of Mount Vernon, the Cave in Rock wilderness was just wonderful. The Weather was perfect and the rainy raft dried out.

The trees had just started to change and the river here is lined with rock bluffs framed by tree roots. In one of these rocks was a cave, well a Cave in a Rock.  We anchored right out side the entrance and waited for morning to explore.

Pirates had lived in the cave before us and robbed flatboats as they were forced by the island and outside of the bend to go near shore and thier cave. This cave had natural shelves, cool storage area in the back, and a sink hole in the bluff above that could act as both a chimney and communication port to the look outs on the 500ft cliff  thats now a campground.

This is a fine cave.

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