Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cotton wood bar

Blown out for the day, we pulled into a small inlet on our starbord, hoping to hide in the back channel of an island for another 2miles. We came to the back channel and found a dried up creek.

"sure, we can fit through there.."

We were two miles from the mouth of the Tennesse.

"vorrasi, I couldn't have done it without you."
"Faith, I couldn't have done it without you either."

"You mean you wouldn't have done if it weren't for me."

There was a mountain of drift where we had anchored. I found the same model of our purple canoe crushed beneath a tree. We spent the day working on the house. I was able to find the rest of the wood that we had needed for the walls at our drift wood home depot!

When the wind settled down, I went to gather the lady birds. They were being extra tempermental on the acoount of this cricket infested bank. (About 20 of which hich-hiked with us). I ended up chasing the dear hens right into an anchor which we happily placed on the back corner of our boat.

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