Sunday, August 28, 2011

back track! HOCKING PORT

The sun was starting to set. It would be dark soon. Still alone, I needed a nice place to put my house for the night.

Creeping along the shore, I yelled over the motor to the first person I saw.


Jim put his beer down and pointed right to his dock so there I went. The perfect place. Me and him had some beers and good conversation about the state of the world. We figured it all out.

(Thanks so much Jim for everything, really. It was wonderful to meet you.)

Colin had left a while back so having a good friend was one of the best things I could ask for.

Jim lent me all his tools, and Jodi gave me a gallon of paint.

Jodi and Seth live next door to Jim, and I had the greatest helper all weekend. Seth, 10 years old, became my first mate and good friend. We scrubbed the deck, chased after my hens, and fixed the roof. He worked so hard I should've payed him.

Jim took me over to the campground where I met the whole crew. Wendy becomes her songs as the campfire dances, and everyone trys to sing along challenged by fermented beverages. I felt so welcomed and appreciated.  Congrats on Ashly's first year of marriage! whahoo!

Colin came back to the raft. here we go on the river again. here we go. Turn the page.


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