Monday, August 22, 2011

DNR and giant storm = no fun

So we left Huntington after the two storms we had in the morning and
early afternoon hoping that we could be lucky the rest of the day and
make some time. When we were only four miles away from the West
Virginia/Kentucky border, we were stopped by the WV DNR police boat.
Since we don`t have our boat registered, they hassled us a bit, but
were respectful. Since we were so close to leaving their jurisdiction,
they let us off with a warning. They said, "Well, you`ll be Kentucky`s
problem now." Haha! Well I think being pulled over was a sign of bad
things to come for this day. The policemen warned us of the trechery
ahead once we crossed over into Kentucky. They told us we would see
more barges than we had seen thus far. They were right. Fleeting
harbors on both sides of the river, oil, steel, and coal factories
lined both sides of the river! I told Faith that we must have missed
the sign that says, "Kentuckt does not welcome you!" As the sun
started to make it`s way down, we were looking for some place to sleep
(and be safe). We tried the Big Sandy River. Who names a river that
way that is caked with mud? It`s not a funny joke! With no luck there,
we heading back out into the barge ridden Ohio and as soon as we did a
huge storm rolled up. I was tilling the motor and I pulled the plastic
sheeting overtop of my body to stay dry. Faith was not so lucky. She
was attaching the running lights and keeping watch out front. The
wind, rain, and motor were loud enough that I couldn`t hear her
directions and I couldn`t see anything myself. Wow. We finally found a
spot in between two fleeting harbors, and we tied ropes to the shore
and anchored. Faith was dripping wet. The wake from all the barges
that passing us last night was brutal. Suffice to say I didn`t sleep a
wink. Today is calm and all is well now. We made it far away from the
barge traffic. We`re back out in the middle of nowhere. Just where we
should be. Love all yinz. c


  1. Hang in guys. We're thinking of you. I used to live in Huntington. It wasn't a very happy time for me personally then, but the people made it much better. Be safe!

    Deb and Steve, Neville Island.

  2. Just saw the article in the Maysville, Ky paper- what an amazing thing you are doing! Shantyboat is one of my favorite books and here you are living it more than a half century later. Best of luck to you!

  3. Not sure what the hurricane weather has brought your way, so I hope you are still traveling on. My husband and I met you and Schooners in Hgtn and told you about the Ironton place, the Fuzzy Duck. Sounds like you ran into trouble before you got there. Hope the hens and all of you are doing well. Post when you can!

  4. stop in to our place when you get to the ferry landing, ask for the Jahn Family, right on the river bank...