Saturday, August 13, 2011


Thanks Tim for taking us in!

We tried to leave New Martinsville floating, and after almost getting pulled into a creek we had to turn on the motor. We were making a speedy getaway at four mph full throttle, when Tim pulled us over in his pontoon boat and gave us a tow to his campground. With his long hair blowing in the wind we cruised to a small dock on the back channel of an island. Moonshine and jet skis, Vorrasi kept yelling at me to slow down. Cutting back in forth in the waves, I sped around as the sun slipped behind the ohio hills (larger than the West Virgina hills at this point). We were treasure hunters looking for arrow heads on the beach, but I just found skipping stones. Tim brought over some green tomatoes the next day along with burgers and a whole cook out. Great fun. Lots of laughs.

The dark side came out the next day, Tim's dock had WOLF SPIDERS. Hotwings chased one down across deck. It took five pecks and a scratch to kill the beast. eeek, bigger than my hand.


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