Friday, August 5, 2011

New Martinsville

New Martinsville was a blast. Dom and Jackie of Scream N Dogs are the
best. Go there and eat a West Virginia Hot Dog. Seriously. They let us
hang around and gave us food because we must have looked hungry. Dom
took us out in his beautiful stern wheeler. He even pulled us out of
the mud when we got beached. The people of New Martinsville were so
kind to us. It was weird staying in one place for three days though,
since we usually move on so fast.
We got to see Faith`s family though, which was great. The only thing
that went wrong in New Martinsville was a run in with a silly city cop
that was trying to police the waterways. Apparently, cops are aloud to
make up laws whenever they want. He was initially called because of a
complaint from Dom and Jackie`s neighbor, we think. Evidently, we
still live in a culture where people can`t just talk to people to work
out their differences. They have to call the cops. We forget things
like that when on the river because they don`t exist there. We made it
out of that town and met a guy named Tim on the river. He was going
our way and towed us to his camp. Cool guy. We are close to
Sistersville, WV and enjoying a slow morning, eating stew that Faith`s
grandmother brought for us. More updates soon friends. Thanks for

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  1. I heard about your journey from Dom, my father in law. Brilliant! I'll keep checking in on your blog. I hope you make far down the river and away from the authorities (ridiculous).