Monday, August 1, 2011

Close call, story of the Tug.

Story of the Tug.
Like every other day, we were cruising down the river at the crushing speed of 2mph. The sun was shining. There was a ferocious headwind, as usual. We could've cut loose and gone to the Atlantic quicker. I swore if we put up the sail we'd end up in New Jersey in 10 days.
I was on watch on the wheely chair, chicken on my shoulder, Colin at the till, when Colin try's yelling over  the motor:
"Faith, askldjlkjkj"
"Faith akldjoijd TUG!"
I look over and see a tug full speed at our raft. "Colin, PORT, PORT!" We centimeter to the port. I'm thinking about the canoe, chickens, and the sunken Duck boat on the Delaware.

From the bow I'm yelling " DO YOU NEED TO GET TO THIS SHORE"
They yell back and hit the breaks; "WE JUST WANTED TO CHECK YINZ OUT!"
thanks guys, take a good look.

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  1. Yo Faith Sam Brams here. I've been following nearly since your idea's inception and i'm so happy that you're rollin' on the river now... maybe I can track y'all down in about a month...