Saturday, August 13, 2011

Worst storms yet.

A gail blew up out of nowhere right out of Newport, ohio. The sun was setting and the sky got dark. Very Dark. I got nervous.

"Faith, I think we need to get off the water."

"Can we make it to that island?"

We couldn't. The wind picked up and were were full throttle and going backwards. There were some pilings up ahead so we aimed to beach ourselves. Thundering and lightning, I jumped into the water. Thinking "If the ohio river gets hit I'm dead".  I sank. There's the drop off. Colin was on the troller full power. Finding footing I walked the anchor deep into the weeds. It held and I jumped back to the boat, and put my rubber boots on. " I will not drown, or hit by lightning." 

There were two piles on my bed, dry and wet. Colin's swim shorts and my rain coat were the only things that  weren't SOAKED. How it goes. 

We continued at night. Our running lights went up and we approched the lock. Both Colin and I were shivering it was the cold after the storm. The calm was gone a while ago. I get the radio on and radio the locks, they're getting a chamber ready for us.

over the radio I hear " there is a poorly lit pleasure craft that is suppose to come through but I don't see them. We'll lock you through with them" 

"This is the Betty Walker, we're right at your door. I apologize about the lights we'll have to upgrade the second we get a chance." 

"Just wait for the flashing green light" 

It felt like an hour later when we entered the haunting chamber and roped a pin. Down the water and our little raft went. The lockmaster came over and asked us to be careful and mount our lights higher. There were two upbound tugs underway, so we stayed to the right desending bank of this dark river that took some kind of transformation in the faded sun. A world of lights and reflections guided us to a bank of a cooking cutter house development. We cooked a soup and passed out a little wet and cold.  

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  1. Very nice to meet you in Hockingport tonight. I'm looking forward to getting some great pictures for the newspaper tomorrow before you head toward Meigs and Gallia Counties. Keep your eyes peeled for the Gallipolis Daily Tribune and Pomeroy Daily Sentinel article that I will no doubt write sometime this week. Happy travels, and please let me know if you find you need something over the next 50 or 60 miles. I drive up and down this river every day. -- Stephanie Filson