Sunday, August 7, 2011


Yesterday it rained so much but it stopped for most of the afternoon,
so we motored on to try to make up for lost time. We made it 20 miles!
Our longest day yet and we didn`t move at all in the morning. We made
it to the long and narrow back channel of Middle Island, just before
St. Mary`s WV.
At the opening there were lots of docks and camps, but then we hit the
shallow part that no other boat dared enter. Passing through for us
was even a bit difficult.Once we were halfway through the narrow
channel, coming up on Middle Island Creek, it started pouring again!
We ducked into the creek and under a bridge, where we spent the night.
It`s pretty uninhabited back here. Only the sounds from cars on the
highway bridge above us. I like it back here.

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