Saturday, August 13, 2011

Newport, ohio


He's off to the races back in the Burgh. Speeding down route seven, I know he missed the raft already. We ate some ice cream at the Jug, ice cream parlor. It was like we had seven heads. We sat on our pink and yellow, normal looking house boat, while a crowd of 20 ice cream lickers stared us down.
"Maybe we should gawk back and them and they'll stop" puzzles colin.
"give em some of their own medicine."

We bought ice cream and stared them all down, then vorrasi drove away.

Leo and Mary-Ellen from Marietta came by. everything on the raft was "wonderful and marvelous". Thanks for cheering us up! Mary held hotwings for the picture and promised to meet up with us in Marietta. Really wonderful folks.


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