Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts this week, we were too busy making it 100
miles in five days! Thanks to Jim and Seth in Hockingport for helping
us with tools and renovations. We made it to Huntington WV on friday.
There we met some lovely people that my father knows from work. Then
as we were passing Huntington, we saw a river restaurant. All of the
people were staring at us and some of the employees were waving us in!
We had dinner on our new friend Terry that night. Thanks Terry. We
stayed there for the night and met so many wonderful people. Lambrose
and Anthony, thanks for the great time. You guys rock. On saturday we
found a small creek and a rope swing and had a nice camp out. We will
soon be underway again. Next stop Cincinnati!

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  1. U guys rock, we need to party in pittsburgh when u get back!! Safe travels.