Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ripley OH

The nicest people I have ever met live in Ripley Ohio. We had such a
lovely stay at the Ripley Boat Club. It was our longest stay thus far
in the trip. Patty and Jack Pride took us in and made us feel right at
home. We also met our dear friends Miles and Holly who gave us the
cutest stray cat. Her name is (con) Tiki. I love her dearly. Pictues
to follow soon. The chickens are molting now because it is getting
cold. There are feathers everywhere and they seem so unhappy. Once we
left Ripley, which I personally would have been happy if that never
happened, we hit New Richmond for a bit and had a wonderful bite to
eat at Skippers River Cafe. We will either hit Cincinnati late tonight
or early tomorrow. Thanks to our wonderful friends in Ripley. We will
never forget you. Love. c

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